The Dangerous Coronation Between Zantac Usage and Cancer Development

The Dangerous Coronation Between Zantac Usage and Cancer Development

If you have experienced symptoms of acid reflux, you are like most people who have to deal with the condition from time to time. What you eat and your lifestyle can impact how your body functions and is often the reason behind why you have to deal with acid reflux every now and then. 

Some people have chronic acid reflux every week. When stomach acid regularly rises back up through the tube between the mouth and stomach, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD could be happening. 

It is likely that when you have had bouts of acid reflux, you resorted to taking over-the-counter medications to quash the symptoms. Zantac is one of the medications you may have purchased to help you manage your acid reflux. While Zantac may have done its job with your acid reflux in the short term, the long-term effects of the OTC medicine could be catastrophic. This is because it has been found that Zantac is linked to cancer development.

What Can You Do if a Drug Caused You to Develop a Disease?

Is Zantac Still Being SoldIf you used Zantac or any other type of medication and it caused you to develop a disease like cancer, you should speak with a product liability attorney to learn more about what your legal options are. It is possible that you may have a valid claim for compensation. When toxic products are released to the public and significant harm follows, it is important to hold the manufacturers of these defective pharmaceuticals responsible.

When you decide to speak with a Jackson personal injury lawyer about what you can do from a legal standpoint to obtain compensation from a drug manufacturer, choosing the right law firm is key. Only an attorney that has extensive experience with defective pharmaceutical lawsuits can serve your needs the best.

Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a Jackson defective pharmaceutical products law firm that can help you with your claim. Bob Germany has a proven track record of success winning millions for victims harmed by defective pharmaceutical products. 

You will still see Zantac on the market, and you could be wondering why that is. The FDA issued a recall of Zantac back in 2020. In response, Zantac changed its formula and name and is now ready for consumption. Instead of using ranitidine, which was the ingredient causing cancer, famotidine is being used. Famotidine is said to be safer.

Proving that your cancer diagnosis was from Zantac use is not an easy task but it can be done. You will need to show:

  • That you did consume the drug.
  • You were diagnosed with cancer and the type of cancer you have is one that has been linked to NDMA that is found in ranitidine products.
  • You took enough of the medicine that it is reasonable to believe it caused your cancer.

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