The Danger of Incomplete Crash Data Reporting

The Danger of Incomplete Crash Data Reporting

The National Safety Council investigated what motor vehicle crash data is collected across the country to understand what type of information states are using to record accidents. By examining police reports, the NSC determined that the country was collecting incomplete vehicular crash data which means that the true reasons as to why crashes are taking place are not fully understood and reflected. Because of this, addressing issues with traffic collisions is less than effective. As a result, there is an inability to mount a comprehensive and successful response aimed at reducing crashes, and countless lives are being lost because of it.

According to national statistics, it is known that the grand majority of crashes that take place in the nation are due to some form of driver error. However, the exact type of driver error and how often it takes place aren’t accurately recorded. For example, the NSC’s findings showed that :

  • There is not one state in the nation whose police reports had a way for officers to indicate that if driver fatigue was an issue in the crash, what the level of that fatigue was.
  • 26 states did not have any place in their report to indicate if a driver was texting at the time of their crash.
  • 32 states had no fields to write down if a driver was using a hands-free phone or not.
  • 32 states didn’t have a way to show what drugs were in a driver’s system when a positive drug test was done.
  • 35 states do not record if advanced driver assistance technologies were utilized.
  • 35 states do not have the ability to report teen driver restrictions.
  • 47 states do not report on the existence of infotainment systems.

What States Have the Best Crash Reporting System?

The Danger of Incomplete Crash Data Reporting

There are over 6 million crashes throughout the country every year and from 2016 to 2018 more than 40,000 people died in traffic collisions each year. In 2016 in the state of Mississippi alone, there were 690 deaths from Mississippi car accidents. There are 23 specific issues that officers should have a place to indicate their existence on all police reports according to the NSC. There is not one state in the country that is hitting all of these 23 factors.

  • Kansas and Wisconsin have a place for 14 of the factors identified by the NSC.
  • Maryland, Kentucky, and Nebraska have a place for five factors identified by the NSC.
  • Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, New York, and Virginia have no way for police to report when a driver has alcohol in their system that is below the legal limit of .08.
  • Alaska, California, Oregon, and Washington all have legalized marijuana use and only these states have regions where it can be recorded that a positive drug test for marijuana existed.

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