Terry, MS – Driver Killed in Crash on I-55

Terry, MS – Driver Killed in Crash on I-55

Terry, MS (September 21, 2019) – A man was killed on Monday after his car went up in flames after he collided with a dump truck on Interstate 55.

According to police, the victim has been identified as Tyrone Ward II. He was 38-years-old.

The accident took place shortly before 1:00 in the morning in the northbound lanes of I-55.

There has been no word on the condition of the truck driver.

Local authorities have stated that speed likely played a role in this deadly collision.

The Byram Police Department was on the scene of this tragic crash and their investigation is still ongoing.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim, Mr. Tyrone Ward II, at this time.

Car Crashes in Terry

Terry, MS - Driver Killed in Crash on I-55

Mississippi is a mostly rural state. In fact, if the data from the 2010 United States Census is to be believed, Mississippi is fourth on the list of the most rural states in the country with over 50 percent of its residents residing in rural locales. 

The issue with residing in a rural state is that it necessarily involves driving on rural roads which are four times more dangerous than your average city street. As a result, Mississippi has long been the deadliest state in America in which to drive your car.

It has also led the country in accident-related deaths every year except for three since 1999. 

Naturally, the state’s traffic accident fatality rates clearly reflect this danger. Nationally-based statistics calculated by the Centers for Disease Control assert that country-wide half of all car accident-related deaths take place on rural roads. Here in Mississippi, however, that statistic clocks in at a whopping 98 percent.

The financial and emotional effects that are faced by car accident victims and their families are often scary and overwhelming. The injuries that they sustain could impact the rest of their lives. 

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