Taking Pictures of an Accident Scene

Taking Pictures of an Accident Scene

If you have been injured in a car accident for which another driver was responsible, you might be eligible to obtain financial reimbursement for any hospital bills as well as other losses by submitting a claim for personal injury. Winning your claim, however, will require the gathering of evidence on your part, which is the reason recording as much of the accident site as you can is crucial.

Pictures of the crash site will help your personal injury attorney establish fault and link any injuries to the accident. If another person’s version of what happened varies from yours, photos of the accident site can confirm your account of what transpired. They may also assist a car crash reconstruction specialist to confirm his or her determination of what caused the crash.

Listed below are a few suggestions for taking pictures of a car accident:

Create a Sense of Scale

Taking Pictures of an Accident Scene

When taking pictures of more diminutive accident features such as broken glass and skid marks, it is essential to create a sense of scale. Put another object in the frame, like a key, dollar bill, or coin, to demonstrate the comparative size of the details you are attempting to photograph.

Photograph Every Car That Was in the Accident

The car will unquestionably account for the majority of the pictures. You will need to take photos of every vehicle that was involved in the crash. Complete photos of each vehicle and the destruction done to each will aid crash reconstruction specialists ascertain exactly how the scenario played out.

Photograph Possible Contributing Factors

Examine the area for any potential anomalies such as potholes or malfunctioning traffic signals that might have had a hand in the accident, and take pictures of them if you can.

Photograph Your Car’s Interior

Specifics that merit their own photo include used airbags, broken glass, damaged personal property, and blood spatter.

Photograph Any Injuries

The above advice might assist your personal injury attorney in proving fault, but you will also be required to show losses, so make certain that you take photos of any and all injuries you suffered. Ideally, you will keep photographing the changes in your injuries every single day. Don’t forget to check that the timestamp feature on your phone is turned on to further corroborate your side of the story. It is also important to keep a daily log in which you document how your injuries are impacting your daily life.

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