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Oxford, MS – Traffic Collision with Injuries on Town Center Dr

Commonly Broken Mississippi Traffic Laws

The rules of the road are there to ensure order and help to limit the number of car accidents. Violating any of these traffic laws could easily result in serious consequences for the offender. Anytime the operator of a motor vehicle disobeys a Mississippi traffic law, they are usually given a traffic citation for either a non-moving or a moving violation. Although drivers all across the state of Mississippi violate countless numbers of traffic rules every single day, there are [...]

Legal Options When my Child Was Hit by a Bus

Legal Options When My Child Was Hit by a Bus

Finding out or witnessing your child be hit by a school bus can incite natural feelings of rage. If your child suffered injuries, you could potentially sue for damages. The compensation you could receive can be used to cover your child’s medical care and, depending on the severity, your child’s pain and suffering. A serious question is who you can file this personal injury lawsuit against. Talking with a Mississippi personal injury attorney about your situation can help you pinpoint what [...]

Accident Statistics for Commercial Trucks in Mississippi

Accident Statistics for Commercial Trucks in Mississippi

The strength and vigor of the United States economy rely in no small part on commercial trucks, which transport approximately 70 percent of all goods manufactured in America back and forth across the country so they can be sold or exported.  Unfortunately, in addition to the almost 228 million licensed drivers already occupying them, this creates an excess of oversized, overweight vehicles on our country’s roadways, thereby increasing everyone’s chances of becoming the unwitting victim of a catastrophic commercial truck [...]

Teaching Mississippi Teens to Share the Road With Motorcycles and Bicycles

Sharing the Road With Motorcycles and Bicycles

Those who ride bicycles and motorcycles are extremely unprotected when they share the roadway with larger passenger vehicles, especially since motorcycles and bicycles are more difficult to see due to their more diminutive size. Even drivers who diligently pay close attention to their surroundings are able to be caught off guard by the unexpected appearance of one of these smaller vehicles. One of the most significant dangers to a motorcycle rider is the presence of other drivers. Taking into account [...]

Jackson, MS – At least One Injured in Accident on I-55 NB Near Fortification St

Pedestrian-Involved Accident Fatalities in Mississippi

According to studies that were recently conducted by the Alliance for Biking and Walking, Mississippi is ranked as the state with both the lowest amount of pedestrian traffic and one of the highest incidences of pedestrian-involved car accident fatalities in the United States. While these statements of fact seem as though they should be mutually exclusive, those who led the study eventually determined that areas with very little to virtually non-existent pedestrian traffic are usually the most dangerous for people [...]

Edwards, MS – 1 Killed in Fatal 2-Vehicle Collision on I-20

Motorcycles Accidents and Hiring a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are responsible for billions of dollars in annual economic damages such as hospital costs, lost income, and a loss of future earning potential. Damages such as these are usually enough to decimate the financial security of even an upper-middle-class family. To circumvent filing for bankruptcy or life-long, back-breaking debt, many motorcycle accident victims will discover that their only option is to file a claim for personal injury. Sadly, obtaining fair financial compensation typically comes with a long, drawn-out, [...]

Parking Lot Accidents and Mississippi Liability Laws

Parking Lot Accidents and Mississippi Liability Laws

If you had to come up with different scenarios that would very likely cause a car accident and then design a place in which all of those scenarios could play out on an endless loop, the thing that you’d ultimately create would be a parking lot.  The core concept behind the design and purpose of a parking lot endows them with several elements that produce the ideal conditions for a car accident. Parking lots are cramped and crowded areas that are [...]

What to Take to Your Mississippi Personal Injury Consultation

What to Take to Your Mississippi Personal Injury Consultation

Taking the first steps of filing your claim for personal injury and your initial meeting with your carefully researched, Mississippi personal injury attorney are both situations in which most people are, understandably, tense and apprehensive. On top of this, you might be in some degree of physical pain and/or emotional distress arising from your injury and the event of the accident itself.  To do your part in making sure your appointment with your attorney goes as smoothly and amicably as possible, [...]

Pinola, MS – Dennis Wayne Franklin Killed in Motorcycle Crash on Hwy 28

What To Do After a Mississippi Motorcycle Accident

The injuries that victims sustain during motorcycle accidents are usually critical. It is not unusual for bikers to need emergency care, extensive surgeries, and many months off of work in order to heal. Medical expenses and lost income can pile up fast, but motorcycle accident victims and their loved ones may be able to regain their financial stability by bringing a claim of personal injury against the at-fault driver. The majority of Mississippi residents think that the claims process starts [...]

Driving Under the Influence in Mississippi

Driving Under the Influence in Mississippi

No matter where in the United States you live, you presumably have become aware of the fact that there are a lot more motor vehicles on our nation’s highways, interstates, metropolitan avenues, and rural roads. In other words, there is an excess of cars everywhere you go.     In Mississippi, this excess of cars is now operating at much higher speeds than they did in previous years due to the increase in the legal speed limit on many of Mississippi’s public [...]