Steps to take After a Pharmaceutical Product Defect Causes Harm in Mississippi

Steps to take After a Pharmaceutical Product Defect Causes Harm in Mississippi

Defective products can cause significant bodily harm to consumers and sometimes even be deadly. Medications and various drugs that are prescribed by doctors or purchased over-the-counter can also have the potential to be defective. It is likely you have seen commercials indicating that certain drugs on the market were causing significant numbers of people taking them to suffer injuries or develop disease conditions. 

It is not a victim’s fault for taking a medication that was approved for safety only to find out sometime later that the drug hurt them. If you were prescribed a defective drug or if you went to the pharmacy to buy an OTC drug and it caused your harm, you may have a case to file a claim for compensation. Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a Mississippi pharmaceutical product injury law firm that can help you with your claim.

What Should You Do if You Were Harmed by Pharmaceutical Drug Defect in Mississippi?

Steps to take After a Pharmaceutical Product Defect Causes Harm in MississippiThere are several steps to take after you sustained harm from a defective pharmaceutical product. First, you should call your doctor and inform them of the issue. Obtain their guidance and feedback about how to safely stop taking the medication so that you are protected from further harm or continued disease progression. Your doctor will also be able to find another prescription to help you manage your health that may be better for you. Informing your doctor gives them background information for moving forward and making adjustments with respect to your healthcare plan.

You may think it makes sense to throw the medication out, but if you are preparing to file a claim, it is important to keep the drugs. They can be used in your Mississippi defective drug suit. The drug can be analyzed and the formulation examined. Potentially, there are harmful and toxic ingredients, products, or other detrimental materials. If it can be proven that the drug has unsafe ingredients, a skilled Mississippi defective drug lawyer will know how to link the makeup of the drug to your condition. This will increase your ability to recover compensation for your damages.

Just as you should keep the actual drug itself, it is also a good idea to save all packaging and papers that come with the drug. These, too, could prove useful for your case. In addition, gathering all of your medical visits and feedback from your doctor related to your harm will be helpful. If the manufacturer was negligent in their formulation and production of the drug that caused you harm, they can be held financially liable for paying you for your losses.

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Using your medical information and documenting your experience, along with a correct diagnosis of your harm, it is possible to obtain full compensation for everything that you had to endure. Bob Germany is a Jackson drug defect lawyer that can discuss your case with you during a free consultation. Please call Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (601) 487-0555.