Signs and Symptoms of Brain Hemorrhage

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Hemorrhage

Any trauma, ailment, or other damage to the brain’s tissue is a serious issue that can be life-threatening. People that have suffered from a brain hemorrhage, or bleeding of the brain will suffer some amount of brain cell death. Out of all of the reasons why people have strokes, brain bleeding accounts for 13% of the stroke incidents reported.

Sometimes, there is no avoiding a brain hemorrhage because a blood vessel bursting in the brain can be a result of genetics, disease progression, or just happen unexpectedly for no medical reason. Bleeding of the brain can also be caused by impact and trauma to the head.

What are the Symptoms of a Brain Hemorrhage?

Signs and Symptoms of Brain HemorrhageIf blood starts to accumulate in the skull, the brain itself will succumb to the irritation. As such, there will be swelling and inflammation that results. As the tissues continue to enlarge, the pressure that is applied to the brain itself can become substantial. 

Brain bleeding can happen in any of the following locations:

  • Deep inside the brain.
  • Between the brain and the membranes that cover the organ.
  • Between the brain’s membranes.
  • Between the skull and the brain.

These symptoms may signal that there is an issue with the brain such as brain bleeding:

  • Excruciating headaches come on quite rapidly.
  • Random and unexpected seizures.
  • Appendages that become noticeably weak.
  • Issues with vision.
  • A slowing of the body and lethargy.
  • Inability to stay alert and focused.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Feelings of numbness.
  • Blurred thought and inability to understand communications or engage in communications.
  • Inability to swallow.
  • Not being able to write or read.
  • Balance issues.
  • Unusual taste sensations.
  • Losing consciousness.
  • Poor coordination abilities.
  • Shaking and tremors.

Any of these symptoms can be alarming and may not confirm that brain bleeding is happening. But if these symptoms are experienced, the sooner that you can get medical care and diagnosis the better for your overall health and wellbeing. Proactive and fast treatment in many situations is the difference between life and death.

While there may be nothing that a person can do to stop their body from developing a disease or falling victim to genetic shortcomings, there are other situations that could have been avoided. For example, if head trauma is what caused the brain to bleed and if negligence is also a factor, a victim may be able to secure compensation for their harm.

In Mississippi, victims of injury accidents from another party’s negligence may benefit from filing a personal injury claim for compensation. If you suffered head injures from the careless and reckless acts of another party in Mississippi consider connecting with the Jackson traumatic brain injury attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC.

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