March 18, 2022

Should You Work with the Medical Malpractice Insurance Adjuster's Investigation?

Victims of medical malpractice in Mississippi may be unsure about their rights and what they can do to remedy their distressing situation. This is because the negative implications that can result from a medical malpractice event can be catastrophic and deadly. It is critical that victims who pursue a Mississippi medical malpractice claim are in the best position to have their case work out in their favor.

As low as 5% of victims who file medical malpractice claims actually get some amount of compensation from a medical malpractice settlement. These types of claims tend to favor medical providers more than victims. The bar is quite high when it comes to proving medical negligence took place. These realities are important for victims of medical malpractice to understand. 

But this does not mean that when medical malpractice is believed to exist, a victim should not look into filing a claim. If you believe that you were hurt by medical negligence in Mississippi, the Jackson medical malpractice attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC can help.

Your Rights and Medical Malpractice Investigations

, Should You Work with the Medical Malpractice Insurance Adjuster's Investigation?, Germany Law Firm PLLCIt is not uncommon for medical malpractice insurance providers to want to launch an investigation when they hear that a claim may be brought about. After all, getting a jump on a potentially costly issue is in the best interest of the medical insurance company. Given this, it should not be a surprise if you receive a call from an adjuster offering to investigate the claim.

The medical insurance adjuster may appear and sound like they are concerned for your well-being and are on your side, but they are not. They are trained to be able to connect with victims so that they can increase their chances that they can extract information that is helpful for their case and harmful to yours. So, you cannot keep them from investigating but you do not have to help them build a case against your claim. Additionally, your attorney can do their own investigation as well.

For this reason, do not place your hopes and your trust in an insurance adjuster who wants to investigate your medical malpractice experience. And if an adjuster is asking you for evidence you have or information important to your case, do not just willingly give it to them. You should not provide them with anything that you have unless your attorney confirms that you should do so. Similarly, if the insurance adjuster wants to talk about your incident, refer them to your attorney to handle communications. If there are instances where you should speak with an adjuster your attorney will be there to support you and guide you.

Remember, your Jackson personal injury attorney is an invaluable resource and advocate for your rights and your best interests. The insurance agent is coming from the exact opposite position. 

Speak with a Jackson Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

There are many facets and intricacies when it comes to managing a medical malpractice claim. This is why it is advantageous to work with an experienced attorney who knows how to win these complicated cases. To learn more about your Mississippi medical malpractice claim, please call the Jackson medical malpractice attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555. 

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