April 28, 2022

Should You Accept Emergency Treatment after a Car Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident can be a mixture of confusion, fright, and pain. Typically, no one gets behind the wheel thinking that this time will be when they are in a car accident. Still, car crashes happen all of the time and even when a driver is being extra cautious, that does not mean that others are behaving the same way. If a negligent driver is acting carelessly, they may create an unavoidable situation for even the most sensible driver to succumb to. 

After an accident, it is critical to see a medical professional to make sure no injuries were suffered. Sometimes, injuries exist but because their symptoms are delayed, they do not show up right away. Whiplash is a common injury from car accidents that do not always have symptoms show up soon after a crash. However, if an injury is not identified and treated, it can pose a serious threat of further harm to the victim. The condition can progressively become worse or even develop into another harmful ailment.

If you were the victim of a car accident in Mississippi you may be able to file a Mississippi personal injury claim for compensation. Bob Germany is an experienced Jackson personal injury attorney that can speak with you about your car accident and let you know if your situation rises to the level of filing a claim for financial compensation.

When Should You Go to the Emergency Room After a Car Accident?

, Should You Accept Emergency Treatment after a Car Accident?, Germany Law Firm PLLCFor some car accidents, it is clear that rapid, emergency treatment is necessary. There are even those catastrophic situations where an ambulance just will not do and instead, a medical helicopter is necessary. In other situations that are not as clear-cut, however, the question of whether or not to go to the emergency room is a common one.

Thre are many people who will forgo necessary emergency treatment by means of an ambulance to an emergency room simply out of fear of the high costs of such a move. Though it is critically important after an accident to get medical treatment when injuries are obvious, and in this situation when injuries are immediately present, the sooner treatment is applied the better. In other situations where injury symptoms may be delayed, once a victim realizes they have been harmed they should immediately make an appointment with their doctor.

If a negligent driver caused your Mississippi car accident, the bill for emergency treatment should be the last thing on your mind. Your health and wellbeing should be the first. It is likely that you can file a claim against them for the cost of treating your injuries, including emergency treatment bills. When treatment is applied very soon after a crash, this increases the strength of one’s claim for medical damages.

Speak with a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Today

It is critical after a car accident to be diagnosed and properly treated. It is also important to speak with a Jackson car accident attorney to learn more about obtaining the most compensation possible from a claim. This includes the cost of the emergency medical treatment that was rendered. To speak with the Jackson commercial litigation attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC, please do not hesitate to call (601) 487-0555 to schedule a free consultation.

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