January 25, 2022

Should I Take My Child to the Doctor After a Minor Car Accident?

Surviving a car accident with your child can be terrifying. When the accident was minor, you might be wondering whether you should take your child to the doctor. Not everyone realizes how many car accident injuries are hidden in the first few days. Whether you should seek medical attention for your child depends on your judgment and how severe the accident was. Consider asking a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney for help if this happened to you.

When Do I Take My Child to a Doctor?

Figuring out whether to seek medical attention for yourself is hard enough but doing this for others can be even harder. This is especially true for children, who have less experience communicating when something is wrong. Your child may not always know if something is off, something that could indicate a serious injury.

When it comes to seeking medical attention for a car accident, call 911 if any injuries are too severe to drive or be driven to an emergency room. Paramedics will be able to arrive faster and can stabilize severe injuries as soon as they arrive. For less serious injuries, try to see the doctor as soon as possible.

This applies to you and your child. For one, many car accident injuries can remain undetected without professional medical help. Doctors are trained to properly assess you for any underlying injuries caused by a car accident. Even serious injuries like internal bleeding and brain injuries can go undetected at first.

, Should I Take My Child to the Doctor After a Minor Car Accident?, Germany Law Firm PLLC

For children, the same issues apply. Your child may not know the right words to use or may not realize something is wrong. A doctor will be able to assess your child and look for the right symptoms to make sure.

Most Common Child Injuries in Car Accidents

Becoming familiar with some of the most common child car accident injuries might be able to help you spot them in your child. Being aware of these is also important for knowing what to anticipate. The most common child car accident injuries across several ages are:

  • Head injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Lung injuries
  • Internal organ injuries in the abdomen
  • Spinal injuries

Head and spinal injuries are the most serious because they can permanently change your child’s life. Be cautious when moving anyone with these injuries. Any wrong movement of the back or neck with a spinal cord injury can worsen the damage. Some head injuries require immediate treatment because of swelling and inflammation.

Do not hesitate to contact a Jackson auto accident lawyer if your car accident was caused by a negligent driver. A lawyer might be able to help you cover your medical expenses.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney in Jackson

Finding out your car accident claim was denied on top of everything else can be frustrating. All you have to do is contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi auto accident lawyer for a consultation today. Our legal team might be able to help you obtain significant compensation for your lost wages, emotional distress, and medical bills. We are located throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.

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