July 10, 2022

How Do Insurance Adjusters Justify Low Settlement Offers?

It is very difficult in many situations to suffer damages after an injury accident and obtain compensation without having to deal with an insurance agent. Most injury accident situations involve insurance companies handling the claims process and this is where settlement checks are dispersed. However, insurance adjusters are not trained to be concerned about the harm that victims suffer from their accidents and be motivated to help; quite the opposite, in fact. Insurance adjusters are trained to find anything that they can use against a victim so that they can avoid having to pay fair settlements or best of all, outright deny claims for financial compensation.

When you file your claim with an insurance company, being prepared with a strategy to get the compensation you need and deserve is essential. Negotiations can be quite challenging because it is unlikely you are going to be working with an insurance adjuster that cares about fairness and is ready to offer a full and just payment to you.

Having an experienced attorney on your side handling the communications and negotiations with the insurance adjuster can help better protect your rights and help you get the most compensation from your claim. In Mississippi, Bob Germany is a personal injury attorney in Jackson that can assist you and support you throughout each step of the personal injury claim process.

How to React to Low Settlement Offers by Insurance Agents

, How Do Insurance Adjusters Justify Low Settlement Offers?, Germany Law Firm PLLCOnce negotiations start, you should expect a fair amount of back and forth between yourself and the agent, mostly because it is likely that the first offer you are given will be much lower than what you deserve. You should not only expect to go a few rounds with an adjuster before you can get to the right settlement amount but you should be prepared and ready for it. Precisely because the adjuster is likely to offer a low settlement, you must understand that this is common practice and be ready to counter.

Usually, the first offer is not the best which is why one rule of thumb is to have an understanding of what all of your damages are so that you have an idea of what a full settlement should look like. This can help you identify these low-ball offers and then explain that the offer is not sufficient. Most of the time accepting the first offer is not in the best interest of the victim.

The amount you include in your initial demand letter can be adjusted. It is possible - and potentially helpful - to be willing to lower your amount, but if the adjuster is giving you an unreasonable offer that is clearly not close to what you deserve, then you can come back and ask questions for more clarification about why the offer is so low and how it was calculated. Doing this before you lower your amount can help you respond to the adjuster in a better position of strength knowing all of the details. Only after you discuss how the offer was put together and get justification should you then decide if it makes sense to go a little lower on your side.

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Negotiations are tactical and strategic, and while you can manage these communications yourself, having an attorney that knows the game and has experience with these matters is the more advantageous approach for those who desire the most from their claims. Call the Jackson personal injury lawyer at Germany Law Firm, PLLC today to speak with an attorney that has more than four decades of experience with Mississippi personal injury claims. To schedule a free consultation, call (601) 487-0555 today.

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