Sharing the Road With a Drunk Driver in Mississippi

Sharing the Road With a Drunk Driver in Mississippi

Getting behind the wheel of a car in the state of Mississippi, or any other state for that matter is far more perilous now than ever before. It does not matter if you are someone who only drives occasionally or you use your vehicle multiple times a day, if you have been paying even the tiniest scrap of attention to the world around you, you have probably noticed that there are more vehicles on our state’s roadways and they are often driving at much faster speeds thanks to the raising of most legal speed limits on many Mississippi highways. With these issues in mind, safely getting where you need to go might turn out to be very difficult. There are also particular problems that raise your odds of being injured when you are driving, no matter if you are the passenger or the driver.

One of the biggest threats to both drivers and pedestrians in the state of Mississippi is a driver who is behind the wheel and under the influence. Most everybody is aware that driving while drunk is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each year. As a licensed driver, you are legally required to make rational and responsible decisions where alcohol and the operation of your vehicle are concerned. It is, however, also a wise idea to be aware of where you can get help should a drunk driver hit you and leave you injured.

What Constitutes Drunk Driving in Mississippi?

Sharing the Road With a Drunk Driver in Mississippi

If you have a beer and then hop in your car and head to the supermarket, you aren’t breaking the law per se, however, the quantity of alcohol you have or have not ingested is not what determines if your operation of a motor vehicle was legal. That will depend on the amount of alcohol that is detectable in your bloodstream. The legal limit for blood-alcohol concentration in the state of Mississippi, as well as most others, is .08 percent.

First Offenders Are Really Just Getting Caught for the First Time

Someone who has been arrested for driving under the influence has probably driven their car after drinking too much alcohol many, many times prior to catching their first charge. Actually, data shows that your typical licensed driver has probably driven drunk as often as 80 other times before they finally got caught.

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