Seeking Compensation for Back Pain After a Mississippi Car Accident

Seeking Compensation for Back Pain After a Mississippi Car Accident

Back pain can make any kind of physical tasks at the home or job difficult but dealing with back pain for a week or longer can be draining. Chronic pain can start to affect other life areas besides physical movement like sleep, mood, mental concentration, and social relationships. Dealing with this on top of all the bills that can come with a major Mississippi car accident can be overwhelming. Not to mention the medical bills that can stack up with chronic back pain treatments. Consider hiring a Mississippi auto accident attorney if the accident involved a negligent driver.

How Mississippi Car Accident Can Cause Back Pain

The violent forces of a car accident can throw the body around in vicious ways that can result in tissue and bone damage inside the body. Back pain can have a number of causes that stem from these violent car accident forces. Some of the most common causes of Mississippi back Seeking Compensation for Back Pain After a Mississippi Car Accidentpain include:

  •        Strains
  •        Ruptured disc
  •        Fractured vertebrae
  •        Spinal cord injury

Strains involve stretched or torn muscles or ligaments. This can easily happen with the muscles running up the back and spine. When the back twists and bends in unnatural ways, damages other than sprains can occur like ruptured discs. A disc rupture means the soft cushion between your vertebrae has been damaged, causing the vertebrae bones to rub directly against each other.

Fractured vertebrae can have a similar effect and may lead to spinal cord damage if people with this type of injury move their back the wrong way. When Mississippi spinal cord injuries happen, a bone fragment cuts and tears the spinal cord. A damaged spinal cord can lead to partial or full paralysis below the damaged site.

Can I Sue for Mississippi Pain and Suffering?

If the car accident that caused your back pain involved a negligent driver who was at fault for what happened, then you can try filing a personal injury claim for compensation. This opens up the opportunity for compensation that can be used for medical expenses related to your back pain in addition to any pain and suffering your back pain has caused you.

Proving Mississippi pain and suffering damages is not impossible with severe or chronic back pain but may prove difficult without legal help. What makes proving pain and suffering damages so difficult is the fact that these types of damages do not come with a concrete monetary value like medical expenses. This means you may have to use witness testimony and other forms of evidence to prove these damages.

Auto Accidents Attorney in Mississippi

Going through the process of filing a personal injury claim can become difficult when the insurance company asks for additional evidence or denies your claim. If this happened to you, call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney for guidance. Depending on what happened, you could also receive compensation for lost wages and property damages. One of our Mississippi car accident attorneys will help you obtain the compensation you need.