Safe Alternatives to Cell Phone Use for Teen Drivers

Safe Alternatives to Cell Phone Use for Teen Drivers

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous for everyone including the distracted driver. In the United States alone, distracted driving accounts for the loss of eight lives every single day across the nation. Because of the dangers associated with distracted driving, many states in the nation have made certain actions illegal. Using a phone to talk, text or email is one of the leading reasons for distraction while driving. This is why legislation is widespread that makes using a cell phone unlawful for a driver in most situations.

Despite many states putting bans on cell phone use in place, in the state of Mississippi there are no handheld bans for drivers. But, there are bans on texting while driving and this is considered a primary enforcement offense. It is best to avoid all distractions while driving. As a society, we are so used to always having our phones on us and using them at any time without even thinking of it. Although it can be difficult to put the phone down, this should be a basic practice that all drivers try to abide by.

Teens and Handheld Devices

Young, novice drivers are already amongst the most vulnerable to being in accidents. When a new driver allows their attention to be divided from the act of operating their automobile and what is happening on their cell phone the risk for a crash dramatically increases. So while all drivers should refrain from using their phones while driving it is particularly important to encourage teen drivers not to use a cell phone in any capacity when they are driving.

Safe Alternative Practices to Cell Phone Use for Teen Drivers

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that there are no drawbacks, but only advantages, to teen drivers choosing not to use their phones while they drive. The research out of the CHOP found that the following advantages were seen in teen drivers that do not use a cell phone:

  • Increased attention and focus
  • Decreased risk for crashes
  • Increased adherence to following the rules of the road

Some ways that parents can motivate and persuade their children to abstain from using their phones while driving include:

  • Do not start the car until all active calls or texts have been finished.
  • Take time to think about where the destination is located so the child can also visualize the route needed to get there. Have children look over directions before they start the car and begin to drive.
  • Once the child has reached their destination only then after they turn off the car should they check in with loved ones to confirm safe arrival.
  • Parents should not call or text their children when they know they are behind the wheel.
  • Put the phone in “do not disturb” mode so it will not alert a teen that there are any messages while they are driving.

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In 2019, just under 40% of high school-aged drivers admitted they used their phones to text or email while driving. In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported distracted driving was the reason that 9% of all teens lost their lives in crashes.

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