Pros and Cons of Settling Out of Court in Mississippi

Pros and Cons of Settling Out of Court in Mississippi

Lawsuit settlements are able to transpire in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it involves a courtroom and sometimes it doesn’t. Settling out of court basically means the concerned parties have agreed not to go to trial for their case. When something like this occurs, both the plaintiff and the defendant, their attorneys, and occasionally a mediator will come to terms regarding the settlement in a manner in which no jury and no judge are involved in the process.

Based on your circumstances, settling out of court may or may not be a wise choice. Listed below are a few pros and cons of deciding to settle out of court.


– Reduced Stress

Pros and Cons of Out of Settling Out of Court in Mississippi

The anxiety and stress that go hand-in-hand with everything involved in preparing for trial will frequently weigh heavily on those involved. Facing a situation that includes an attorney is overwhelming on its own before you even consider the energy and the time that has to be put in to achieve a successful outcome. Knowing that you will not have to go to court and appear before a judge usually diminishes much of that anxiety.

– Predictability

A definite drawback to taking your case to trial is standing there while a jury of complete strangers reviews your case, and eventually determines the fates of the people involved. If you retain a qualified attorney, your settlement will be easier to predict. This may allow you some peace of mind while negotiating with the opposite side trying to achieving a result with which you will both be happy.


– Fear of Settling

Just because you are choosing to settle out of court does not mean that you are guaranteed to get the amount you are requesting or deserve. Once you realize that the outcome of your settlement negotiations is not guaranteed, it can oftentimes cause a person to be dissatisfied with the end results of the arrangements.


Each case is unique, and a lot of lawsuits are filed for personal reasons. Certain cases have to do with events that warrant public knowledge and the challenging status of current laws. Should a case end up in an out of court settlement, the important or groundbreaking subject will very likely be overlooked.

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