Product Defects Commonly Associated with Fires

Product Defects Commonly Associated with Fires

Any instrument or product that can lead to a fire must be handled responsibly. Because of the massive harm that can come to individuals in the event of a fire, it is important to always be conscientious about anything you have or use which has the potential to start a fire. But when you own a product that is a fire risk even when you are using it properly and carefully, if it sets off unexpectedly and a fire ensues which injuries you, then you may have the ability to sue for compensation. 

Burns can inflict incredible physical pain, cause extensive deformation, require intensive surgeries and medical treatment, and can also lead to the need for psychological therapy to address trauma from a fire event. There are several items that can put people at risk for burns specifically if they are defective. When a defective product harms you or your loved ones in Mississippi, filing a Mississippi product liability claim can help you recoup your costs. The Germany Law Firm can assemble the most productive and strong product liability claim in Mississippi that will give you the best chances of obtaining the most compensation possible.

What Products Pose the Most Risk for Fires and Burn Injuries?

Product Defects Commonly Associated with FiresIn every category and across all industries there is the potential for various items, machines, or drugs to be defective. When people are harmed by defective merchandise and equipment, manufacturers can be held accountable for the damages that result. To ensure that you are best positioned for optimal financial recovery, Bob Germany is a Jackson product liability attorney that can build your case strategically and effectively so that your rights are protected and you are treated fairly.

The following products have been linked to defects that have lead to fires resulting in severe bodily harm to people:

  • Botanical candles that have dried flowers may look pretty and smell pleasant but those petals can ignite and lead to fires.
  • Teapots made out of ceramic that overheats could explode. The sharp shards from the pot can cause deep lacerations, and the hot liquid can scorch the skin.
  • Space heaters that are defective and cause destructive fires are seen in the news all of the time. They can get so fiercely hot that a fire can ensue.
  • Microwaves are convenient to reheat food, but if a control panel has issues, the risk of a major fire incident is present.
  • Fire extinguishers that do not work will not protect people when a fire situation comes about.
  • Propane tanks that are broken can become explosive.

Of course, this list above is not exhaustive and many gadgets and tools can be a problem. Even smartphones that almost everyone around the globe has on them throughout the day can burst into flames and detonate causing considerable injuries. People that purchase defective products are at increased risk for harm and if injuries come to pass from a faulty item, then victims have the right to pursue financial compensation. 

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More than 60% of people that were hospitalized in the United States in 2016 because of burns had to be transferred to specialized burn centers for treatment. Burns can cause life-long suffering both physically and mentally. If you have been the victim of a Mississippi product defect incident, call the Germany Law Firm to schedule your free consultation at (601) 487-0555.