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Earnings and profits are highly influential factors for businesses across our state. In order for businesses to maintain successful standings and function properly, it is crucial that they are able to remain positive and engage in moral activities and trades. Unfortunately, countless businesses become victims of fraudulent practices that can have devastating consequences.

Business fraud is something that comes in many shapes and sizes. These dishonest business practices can have a crippling impact on a business’s financial status as well as individuals charged with operating and controlling the company. In an instant, companies can engage in entirely fraudulent activities or be subjected to small fabrications that influence various transactions.

These situations can quickly force companies into long and drawn-out legal disputes. Whenever companies are engaged in disputes between vendors, contractors, clients, members, or even employees, it is crucial that they contact a commercial litigation attorney in Southaven as soon as possible to ensure their legal rights are protected.

Germany Law Firm, PLLC has nearly four decades of experience helping businesses across Mississippi protect their legal rights. Our attorneys work side-by-side with businesses and individuals to protect their best interests and legal rights. If you are in need of aggressive and reliable legal representation, contact our commercial litigation attorneys in Southaven as soon as possible to see how we can help you.

Common Types of Business Litigations in Southaven, Mississippi

Every day, businesses across Mississippi are negatively impacted by fraudulent business practices. Sadly, there are various types of business fraud that can devastate the financial and legal status of a business. Our Southaven commercial litigation attorneys at Germany Law Firm, PLLC have extensive experience helping business owners across our state get the justice they deserve and handle some of the most complex legal claims for them. Some of the most common types of cases we help businesses with include:

  • Breach of Contract: These lawsuits can be brought up against clients, current and former employees, business partners, vendors, and various other entitled agents subjected to legal contract guidelines.
  • Business Dissolutions: Whenever businesses break up or dissolve, we help them determine how debts and assets are managed. Our team helps business owners determine the value of their company and discuss various legal options with shareholders.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: There are instances where trusted individuals misuse their positions. In these cases, we help business owners hold them accountable for breaching their fiduciary obligations.
  • Employment Conflict: Holiday pay, overtime, and other work obligations are common conflicts we help business owners with. It is crucial for business owners to work with a knowledgeable commercial attorney in Southaven to ensure their legal rights are protected.
  • Disagreements between Shareholders or Partners: Whenever there are disagreements, business owners and partners often believe a dissolution is inevitable. This could not be further from the truth. Instead, these disagreements can be amicably settled in court.
  • Debt Collections: When businesses are owed money from customers, clients, or other businesses, we help them recover the compensation rightfully owed to them. We also help businesses who are subjected to wrongful debt collection disprove claims against them.
  • Agreements which Limit Competition: Limiting competition agreements are often found in non-compete, non-solicitations, and non-disclosure contracts. When those subjected to these obligations fail to adhere to the strict guidelines, businesses can suffer. For this reason, we help them protect their legal rights and hold those at-fault accountable.
  • Tortious Interference with Contractual or Business Relations: These complex legal situations arise out of situations where individuals have business relationships or maintain contracts with others and a third-party interferes with their affairs.
  • Purchase and Sales Contracts: Whenever businesses purchase items, real estate, businesses, lands, or other services, they often consult an attorney. It is crucial for businesses to work with aggressive and knowledgeable commercial litigation attorneys in Southaven to ensure their legal rights are protected.
  • Fraud and Deceptive Practices: Misrepresentations, fraud, and deception can have a dramatic impact on a business. In many cases, these practices have devastating financial consequences. Our attorneys at Germany Law Firm, PLLC provide aggressive representation to businesses to ensure they are not conned by these deceptive practices while handling business deals.
  • Negligence: These actions can have a crippling impact on the finances as well as the entire structure of a company. Whenever a business is subjected to negligent acts, they must be able to prove that the defendant had an obligation to them and that they ignored the obligation and infringed upon it. The claimant must also prove that they suffered a loss as a direct result and would not have experienced such loss if the negligence did not occur. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of commercial laws in Mississippi, which is why so many businesses opt for our services in these difficult situations.

If your business suffered due to fraudulent practices, or you have an important business transaction that you need legal assistance with, it is imperative that you contact a reputable Southaven commercial litigation attorney from Germany Law Firm, PLLC as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

Germany Law Firm, PLLC is Here for You

The fraud industry is one that costs American businesses several billions of dollars each year. Sadly, fraudulent practices continue to devastate businesses across Mississippi. When business owners are subjected to aggressive or fraudulent legal battles, it is imperative that they work with a highly skilled and reputable commercial litigation attorney in Southaven to protect their legal rights. It is crucial for businesses to find legal representation they can trust to ensure they do not fall prey to fraudulent practices and jeopardize their own businesses.

For over 40-years, Germany Law Firm, PLLC has stood by business owners to help them through some of the most complex legal battles. Our commercial litigation attorneys in Southaven have a keen attention to detail that ensures all legal routes are explored and businesses are able to protect their best interest every step of the way. Our team works with top forensic accountants, fraud examiners, business evaluators, and various other preeminent specialists to help business owners get the justice they deserve. Contact our commercial litigation attorneys in Southaven at (601) 401-6884 to schedule a free case evaluation to determine how we can assist you.

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