Parent Liability in their Children’s Mississippi Car Crash

Parent Liability in their Children’s Mississippi Car Crash

Most teens cannot wait to get their driver’s license and embrace the freedom that comes with it. Yet teens are highly implicated in car crashes across the nation. The Centers for Disease Control indicates that in 2018, 2,500 teens aged 13-19 died in crashes, and 285,000 were rushed to the emergency room for treatment of their injuries. Teens aged 16-19 are the highest risk group across the board for being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Shockingly enough, this age group is so prone to collisions that they are almost three times more likely to have a fatal crash experience versus all other legal drivers aged 20 and older.

There is no doubt, teen drivers are high-risk. Several factors make this true including the propensity of teens to engage in more dangerous driving practices like speeding. Additionally, inexperience also plays a large role in deadly crashes in this age group. Given this, it is understandable why parents may feel wary once their teen is old enough to drive and secures their state-issued driver’s license. Even with feelings of concern, many parents still allow their children to set out on the road and drive cars because not only is this a part of growing up, it is also necessary to get experience to become a better driver.

Car Crashes and Teens in Mississippi Who is Responsible?

Parent Liability in their Children's Mississippi Car CrashIt is commonplace for parents to either buy a car for their new driver or allow their children to drive the family car. Residents of Mississippi who allow other people to drive their car are at risk of being held responsible for paying the costs after an accident should one happen. In fact, anyone who allows another party whether it be a family member or a friend to drive their vehicle can be culpable in the event of a crash. Even if a crash is not the fault of the driver and comes by way of a manufacturing defect, the owner of the automobile is accountable for the aftermath of the incident.

It is prudent not to lend your vehicle to anyone who you know is not a good driver. Doing so is a huge risk and can result in expensive outcomes. When one party drives a car that is not their own, many states allow victims of those accidents to sue the owner of the car as well as the driver of the vehicle. This happens under vicarious liability laws. Similarly, when a parent allows their children to take the car out, the Family Car Doctrine makes parents liable for damages that result if their child is involved in a Mississippi car accident. Whether or not your child is on your Mississippi car insurance plan, should they experience a crash, you will still be on the hook for the resulting damages.

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