Obtaining Compensation for a Toy-Related Injury or Death in Mississippi

Obtaining Compensation for a Toy-Related Injury or Death in Mississippi

You are not a bad parent if you bought a toy for your child or let your child open up a toy and play with it when they were given it as a gift, and your child is injured from the toy. Toy incidents that lead to injuries in children happen frequently. In fact, in 2019, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that more than 224,000 children were injured from a toy-related incident. These children had to go to the emergency room to be treated. That year, the USCPSC also indicated that 14 children died as a result of a toy-related situation.

Toys that cause harm happen quite often as you can see from the data released by the USCPSC. Toys and other products for children are big business. In 2020, the toy sales were up just under 17% from 2019. Sales in 2020 totaled $32.61 billion. Injuries are difficult enough for a caring parent to have to see, but if a child dies as a result of a defective toy, the devastation is unspeakable for parents. You may be able to obtain compensation for the harm that a defective toy caused your family in the state of Mississippi. To learn more about what you can do, call the Mississippi product liability attorney at the Germany Law Firm today.

What Toy-Related Incidents Caused Death in 2019?

Obtaining Compensation for a Toy-Related Injury or Death in MississippiAccording to the USCPSC the following types of accidents were the cause of death in 2019:

  • Nonmotorized scooters accounted for the most deaths.
  • Toy-related deaths that were also associated with motor vehicles came in second as a factor behind the lives lost in 2019.
  • Deadly choking events from plastic balls tied motor vehicle incidents as second for toy-related deaths across the country.
  • A deadly slip and fall incident because of a toy resulted in one death.

It is understandable to be distraught after your child was harmed by a toy. It is also reasonable to be confused as to what you can do and what your rights are after such a devastating incident. If you live in Mississippi, taking your concerns to Bob Germany, of the Germany Law Firm can better clarify things for you. You may be able to secure money from the toy manufacturer, the fabricator of the product, the designer, or the seller of the toy that caused your child harm.

Bob Germany is a Mississippi personal injury attorney who knows how to get optimal results for victims who were hurt by malfunctioning or defective products. The parties that develop, assemble, and sell a faulty product could be accountable for paying for your damages. The Mississippi product liability attorney Bob Germany can determine who is responsible for compensating you as well as the most effective strategy to obtain the full amount of money you are entitled to.

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