Most Dangerous Mississippi Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Most Dangerous Mississippi Pedestrian Accident Injuries

One of the scariest things to deal with after a pedestrian accident is the injuries you suffered as a pedestrian. With typical Gulfport car accident injuries, drivers may not suffer as many life-threatening injuries as a pedestrian who is directly exposed to the impact without any protection for the blunt force trauma. The chances of severe and lifelong injuries are higher in pedestrian accidents. Do not hesitate to seek help from a Gulfport Auto Accident Attorney if you suffered catastrophic injuries from a negligent driver.

Factors that Increase Deadly Mississippi Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Looking at factors that increase the risk of life-threatening and dangerous Mississippi pedestrian accident injuries can help you significantly improve your personal injury claim. These factors range from types of pedestrian injuries to how the pedestrian was hit and Most Dangerous Mississippi Pedestrian Accident Injuriesinclude:

  • The area where the pedestrian was hit (i.e. side, front, or back)
  • How fast the driver was going when hitting the pedestrian
  • Whether the driver kept going after impact
  • How fast medical or first aid assistance was given
  • How fast paramedics arrived
  • How long before the pedestrian was transported to the emergency room
  • The types of injuries suffered by the pedestrian

Each of these factors can affect the chances of whether a pedestrian survives the accident and whether they will be left with lifelong medical complications or disabilities. Not everyone realizes how much the area where a pedestrian is hit can make a difference. Compared to an impact from the front, an impact from the back might increase the chances of spinal cord injuries and brain trauma.

Either can lead to brain trauma, the faster the driver is traveling. The faster the driver was going, the more likely the pedestrian will fold over and suffer a direct impact to the head on the windshield. At faster speeds, a pedestrian is more likely to suffer these impacts followed by additional impacts as they fly over the vehicle and hit the pavement.

Vital Safety Steps After a Mississippi Pedestrian Accident

There are certain Mississippi pedestrian safety steps to take after a major accident that can make a powerful difference in the chances of recovery. Always call 911 for the paramedics and police because they will have vital training for emergency care. You can attempt first aid as long as you know you will not worsen the pedestrian’s injuries, or you can look for anyone else around with more experience.

With bone fractures and Mississippi spine trauma, immobilization is key to preventing further injury. Burns can be managed with cool sterile cloths and lacerations with pressure to stop bleeding. Move the pedestrian away from hazards if possible, but if not, you can move or block the hazards instead.

Auto Accident Attorney in Mississippi

Paying for expensive treatments for severe pedestrian accident injuries can rapidly drain your financial assets. Call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today by dialing (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Mississippi Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer for a consultation. Our experienced Gulfport personal injury attorneys can help you collect the evidence and documents needed for a strong personal injury claim. We assist clients throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.