Mississippi’s Death Rate from Injuries Higher than the National Average

Mississippi’s Death Rate from Injuries Higher than the National Average

According to research, the rate of death in the state of Mississippi is 82 per 100,000 and is much higher than that of the national average. Both intentional injury events like domestic violence and unintentional injury events like car accidents are included in determining how high the state of Mississippi’s death rate actually is. Of all the fatal injury accidents in Mississippi that are reported, the grand majority are those that could have been prevented and resulted in lives saved. Even though this is true, preventable injuries that lead to death are a very serious concern for the state and across the country.

If you were the victim of an unintentional injury accident like a Jackson, Mississippi car crash, then you may have a case to file a suit for compensation. When a party acts in a negligent way and their disregard for the safety and well-being of others leads to an injury accident, it is possible for victims to sue that party to obtain financial compensation for their damages. To increase the chances of success with your personal injury claim, call Bob Germany. Bob Germany is a Mississippi personal injury attorney with over 40 years of experience supporting and advocating for victims of injury accidents in Mississippi.

How is Mississippi Addressing High Rate of Death from Injury Accidents?

Mississippi's Death Rate from Injuries Higher than the National AverageIn the United States, car crashes are the most common reason for death. This is true for the state of Mississippi as well, and in fact, Mississippi has a major problem with deaths from car accidents. The state ranks at the top of the list when compared to other states in the nation for deadly car accidents. Officials throughout Mississippi are working to address the problem through efforts from the Division of Injury and Violence Prevention, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the Mississippi Department of Transportation, and the Safe Kids Mississippi Coalition.

To ensure that children are best protected while in cars, it is incredibly important that they have the appropriate seats. The DIVP is also working on awareness efforts to inform the public of what the laws are for child safety seats in the state as well as offering educational information to support these endeavors. Additionally, if people with limited resources need access to child safety seats, local health departments can be connected to see what availability they have. For residents that have a car seat or booster seat and need help installing their seat, the state of Mississippi has more than 300 certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians that can help.

Mississippi also addresses the following:

  • The state offers phone-free tips for drivers to reduce the amount of dangerous distracted drivers. 
  • For pedestrians and bicyclists in Mississippi, there are several educational presentations and even bicycle helmet distribution programs that are available.
  • Fire prevention presentations, free smoke alarm installation, and fire safety programs for schools.
  • Water and boating safety information and resources.

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