Mississippi Tractor-Trailer Accidents Caused by Brake Failure

Mississippi Tractor-Trailer Accidents Caused by Brake Failure

The three main causes of tractor-trailer accidents are inclement weather, vehicle malfunction, and driver error. Regardless of what caused your Mississippi tractor-trailer accident, you will need to have solid evidence in order to establish liability and negligence if you want your claim to have a positive outcome.

Lamentably, obtaining proof of a malfunction is usually more difficult than obtaining proof of driver error, particularly if the tractor-trailer was significantly damaged during the crash. This will make establishing responsibility extremely complicated in a tractor-trailer accident claim stemming from a case of brake failure.

The quicker your Mississippi personal injury attorney is able to review your accident, the more likely they will be able to locate that crucial piece of evidence that you need to win your case.

Who is Responsible for an Accident Caused by Brake Failure?

Mississippi Tractor-Trailer Accidents Caused by Brake Failure 

When an accident is caused by a vehicle malfunction such as brake failure, there are many different people who could be held liable. The parts or vehicle manufacturers along with the mechanic who was tasked with the upkeep of the tractor-trailer are frequently responsible for these kinds of accidents.

If the trucking company neglected to schedule routine maintenance, they might also be held accountable. Additionally, the truck driver could be somewhat liable if there were apparent signs of a brake problem but she or he neglected to have the problem professionally addressed.

How is Brake Failure Established After a Tractor-Trailer Accident?

Accident reconstruction specialists are frequently required to establish fault in these types of collisions. Your Mississippi personal injury attorney will be able to gather testimonies from tractor-trailer brake technicians, who will be able to evaluate the details of your accident and examine the debris in order to ascertain the root of its cause. On top of this, the truck’s black box data will likely indicate that the trucker failed to apply the brakes or the brakes simply did not respond.

What Damages Can I Claim After an Accident Caused by Brake Failure?

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a truck wreck resulting from brake failure, you may be able to recover compensation for economic damages, such as healthcare expenses, vehicle repairs, and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages, such as emotional distress and pain and suffering. In certain cases, punitive damages are recoverable against the defendant.

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