Mississippi Laws Concerning Distracted Driving

Mississippi Laws Concerning Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accidents are responsible for approximately 1,000 injuries and 10 fatalities every single day in the United States and, as an epidemic, those numbers are growing larger and larger with every passing day, so much so that distracted driving is neatly poised to surpass drunk driving as the number one cause of car accident-related deaths in America.

The number of deaths caused by distraction-related incidents has risen every year since 2015, and this includes the state of Mississippi, even with the strict laws legislators have enacted over the past few years. Due to rampant miscategorization, distracted driving deaths are wildly underreported. 

So, what exactly does the state of Mississippi consider to be distracted driving?

Three Different Types of Distracted Driving

Mississippi Laws Concerning Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is very simply defined as “the act of driving while also participating in other activities.” Distracted driving is divided into three distinct classes of distraction that frequently take place behind the wheel. Those three classes are: 

  • Manual Distractions
  • Visual Distractions
  • Cognitive Distractions

What is a Manual Driving Distraction?

Manual distractions are identified as any action that separates your hands from the steering wheel, whether you are responding to a text message or programming your car’s GPS. 

What is a Visual Driving Distraction?

Visual distractions are identified as any action that pulls your vision away from the road in front of you. This could be something as seemingly minor as glancing over at your passenger or trying to find a particular radio station. 

What is a Cognitive Driving Distraction?

The most controversial of the three types of distracted driving, for what should be fairly obvious reasons, is that of cognitive distractions. Cognitive distractions are identified as any action that might take your mental focus off the road. This would mean that daydreaming, listening to a podcast or book on tape, or even trying to remember what you were going to get at the grocery store are all considered distracted driving behaviors and should not take place while you are behind the wheel of a car. 

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