Managing Burn Injuries After a Mississippi Car Accident

Managing Burn Injuries After a Mississippi Car Accident

Burn injuries can be some of the most painful injuries to endure after a Mississippi car accident. Knowing what to do after suffering these types of injuries in an auto accident is vital for preventing infection and shock. There are also certain legal steps you can take to secure compensation for any medical bills you accumulate as a result of your burn injuries. Be sure to seek professional advice from a Mississippi auto accident lawyer if you experience any obstacles to obtaining compensation.

Types of Car Accident Burn Injuries in Mississippi 

When it comes to car accident burns in Mississippi, there are four main levels of burn injuries to look for. Each level comes with different medical approaches and urgency levels in terms of how soon you should seek medical help. Minor burns at the lower levels tend to heal on their own but burns at higher levels will demand professional medical care.

The reason it is so important to differentiate between these different burn levels is because of two main factors that could lead to fatal consequences; infection and shock. Infections can happen when the Managing Burn Injuries After a Mississippi Car Accidentburned areas are exposed too much to the surrounding environment. The most dangerous aspect of infections is they can spread to major organs. Shock can happen with burn injuries due to the pain and a sudden drop in blood pressure caused by heavy fluid loss and the inflammatory response. Severe shock and infections can both result in death.

First-degree burns are minor because they only damage the outer skin layers and do not demand immediate medical care. Second-degree burns damage the inner layer of skin, require medical attention, and may involve skin grafting. Third-degree burns demand immediate medical interventions to prevent infections since they destroy all the layers of skin. Fourth-degree burns damage fatty tissues. 

Managing Burn Injuries in Mississippi 

Mississippi burn injury first aid involves identifying the type of burn and taking steps to prevent infection. Minor burns usually only involve redness and blisters within a 3-inch diameter. Burns larger than this are usually severe and depending on the severity level, may involve black or white patches and leave deep lesions in the skin.

For major burns, the first thing you want to check for is signs of shock like pale skin or shallow breathing. Lay the person down, cover the burn areas with sterile cool cloths, and remove anything like jewelry from burned areas. Never submerge the burn areas in cold water because this can induce hyperthermia and catalyze shock.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Lawyer in Mississippi

You should not have to pay for all the medical expenses that come with a burn injury if the car accident was caused by a negligent driver. Filing a Mississippi personal injury claim means you could be compensated for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney who can help you collect the evidence you need for your claim. One of our Mississippi auto accident lawyers can work with you to investigate the accident and defend your claim.