Liability When a Warning Sign is Present in a Mississippi Injury Accident

Liability When a Warning Sign is Present in a Mississippi Injury Accident

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere in Mississippi. They can take place at a restaurant, shopping plaza, a professional building, or a pool. These accidents can occur virtually anywhere. Mississippi slip and fall incidents can cause a tremendous amount of harm to a victim. Falls are very common across the state of Mississippi as well as the country. There are more than eight million fall accidents that happen annually in the country making them the most common reason for people to seek emergency medical treatment in the hospital.

As a way to try and avoid liability, a property owner may post a warning sign. It is likely you’ve seen these signs in many places. Signs alone though, are not always strong enough to protect a building or landowner from responsibility when it comes to paying a victim for the damages they sustained on a property. To learn more about your rights as a victim of a slip and fall accident speaking with the Mississippi personal injury attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC is a good start.

How Protective are Property Disclaimer Signs?

Liability When a Warning Sign is Present in a Mississippi Injury AccidentLocal, state, and federal government each have their own regulations when it comes to posting warning signs. Properties wherein potentially hazardous activities take place are often required to post disclaimers. Pools are a prime example of a place where people go and even though swimming is healthy and fun, there is always the unfortunate risk of drowning.

Outside of specified places where the government mandates signs, like places where perils could exist, there are other times when a sign is needed. Properties that have defects or other issues must place notice that the problem exists. If floorboards in a professional building are damaged and uneven they could easily lead to a fall accident with serious physical bodily harm to the victim, like spinal cord injuries, for example. It is the responsibility of the property owner to identify hazards that exist and if they cannot get to them right away to fix them, that they let others know where they are located.

When threats are present on a property the owner must post a warning sign. If these issues are not addressed properly, and there are no signs or indicators that there is a problem and someone is hurt, the property owner will be considered negligent. Even in situations where a sign was posted but a slip and fall incident took place, a property owner may still be held accountable for an accident that ensues which causes a person harm.

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Proving liability can be fairly tricky depending on the details of an accident. Bob Germany is a Jackson injury attorney that can examine your injury accident in Mississippi and determine where the fault lies. Potentially there was a sign that was not placed near the hazard, the wording was hard to make out, or maybe the sign was not easily located. If these circumstances can be shown, then the sign is essentially useless and doesn’t meet the level of where it can be considered effective at warning people. 

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