May 15, 2022

Liability for Truck Cargo that Falls onto the Road

Thousands of truck accidents happen every year and many of them have fatal consequences. There were 5,096 deadly large truck and bus collisions in 2018 alone according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The National Safety Council indicates that in 2019, there was an increase of 2% in the number of fatal large truck accidents from the number that took place in 2018. The number of deadly large truck accidents in 2019 was up 43% from the numbers reported in 2010.

If you were involved in a large truck accident in Jackson, it is very likely that you sustained severe damage to your automobile and even to your body. The force and momentum that come when a large truck crashes into a much smaller car are significant, and because of this, occupants in the smaller car usually are the victims of considerable harm. There are several types of large truck crashes like jackknifing, underride accidents, truck rollovers, and tire blowouts, for instance. This means that there are many opportunities for a truck to cause a catastrophic event with unspeakable outcomes.

Who is Responsible for Loose Cargo Falling Onto the Road?

, Liability for Truck Cargo that Falls onto the Road, Germany Law Firm PLLC

T-bone and wide turn accidents, for example, can happen when a truck driver has an issue operating their vehicle. These incidents have the potential to inflict a substantial amount of destruction on other cars that come into contact with the truck. However, collisions with the actual truck are not the only way that a truck can be responsible for a calamity on the road.

If the cargo that is inside a truck is not properly loaded and secured, there is the risk that it could become free and fly out onto the road. This poses a serious risk for accidents because other cars do not expect to see various items flying through the air and spiraling towards them. There is the potential that a multi-car pileup can result.

If loose cargo causes a crash on the road because it was not properly secured, the trucking company could be liable for paying for the resulting damages. This is because the trucking company may be held responsible for hiring incompetent and unsafe loaders. However, if the company that owned the cargo loaded the truck improperly, then they could be culpable.

There is also the possibility that a defective product or another type of malfunctioning gear that was used to secure the cargo failed. In this case, the manufacturer of the malfunctioning product can be liable.

All of this shows that it is necessary to investigate all of the details of what led to unsecured cargo causing a crash to determine the responsible party. A qualified truck accident attorney that has experience in dissecting large commercial truck accidents will know where to look and how to handle one of these complicated cases.

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