Liability for Failure to Perform Airplane Emergency Row Duties

Liability for Failure to Perform Airplane Emergency Row Duties

First-time passengers on an airplane will likely listen to everything their pilot or flight attendant tells them because they have never flown before. For others that have flown a couple of times or for individuals that fly frequently, the guidance given is often the same and so the probability of listening intently to instructions before a flight takes off is much lower. Thinking about a crash can make you much more anxious. This type of idea is generally not welcome for any airplane passenger and as a result, focusing on your responsibility when you sit in an emergency exit row may also not rack your brain.

Reuters reported that 2017 had the least amount of commercial airliner issues in recorded history. Despite the statistically low chances of being on a commercial airliner and crashing, there is no guarantee that your flight will go off smoothly or without incident. Airplane accidents can happen though, so understanding what you have to do if you are seated in an emergency row is incredibly significant. Accepting this seat comes with legal requirements.

What If You Don’t Perform Your Emergency Exit Responsibilities on a Commercial Airliner?

Liability for Failure to Perform Airplane Emergency Row DutiesSitting in the emergency row of a commercial airliner may give you that extra bit of leg space to stretch out, but it doesn’t come without strings attached. Passengers 15 years of age and older can sit in the emergency row, but when the duties that come with the seat are explained to you, you will also be asked if you are willing to execute those tasks. Saying yes comes with the expectation that you will fulfill them. Your responsibilities in the emergency row are meant to help evacuate fellow passengers on your flight if emergency issues arise.

Often, passengers in these seats take their duties lightly, don’t take the time to think through what is expected of them, or even understand what they have been told to do but still agree even though they know they are unable to get the urgent job done. It is critically important that passengers in the emergency row seats listen to what is being asked of them, make sure they understand what they must do, and think about their willingness and ability to carry out those duties. Although highly unlikely, should an emergency situation take place, your failure to open the emergency exit hatch, dispatch the slide, and safely shepherd passengers out of the plane may put you directly liable for damages to others that transpire.

Sitting in the emergency exit row means that you have consented to do what is required to keep other passengers safe. The lives of those flying with you are at risk when you fail to perform your duties effectively. Even if you panic at first and delay getting to the emergency hatch, you could still be held liable for injuries and death that result. If the court can find that you did not act in good faith and do everything you could to fulfill the responsibilities you accepted, it will be very hard to escape liability.

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