Legal Options When My Child Was Hit by a Bus

Legal Options When My Child Was Hit by a Bus

Finding out or witnessing your child be hit by a school bus can incite natural feelings of rage. If your child suffered injuries, you could potentially sue for damages. The compensation you could receive can be used to cover your child’s medical care and, depending on the severity, your child’s pain and suffering. A serious question is who you can file this personal injury lawsuit against. Talking with a Mississippi personal injury attorney about your situation can help you pinpoint what your legal options are for seeking compensation

Who is Liable for My Child Being Hit?

Trying to figure out who is truly liable for your child being hit by a school bus seems straightforward. You would think the bus driver would automatically be liable, but there are certain circumstances that could hold the school district or another driver liable for your child’s injuries. Determining this requires looking at the context of what happened.

Another driver could be liable if a car accident in Mississippi with the school bus caused your child’s injuries or if another driver hit your child while your child was entering or exiting the bus. Legal Options When my Child Was Hit by a BusIf you witnessed the incident, then you may have a better idea of this. However, if you were contacted by the school, then you are going to need to find out details. The school district may step in claim liability for the accident. A school could be liable if they failed to adequately test a bus driver before letting that bus driver transport kids around. 

There are also times when the school bus driver alone was at-fault. This can be proven when the bus driver drove recklessly, was intoxicated, or distracted when your child was hit. In these situations, the school district will usually deny liability and you can proceed to file a personal injury lawsuit against the bus driver. 

Safety Tips to Protect Your Child Around School Buses

There are several skills you can teach and practice with your child to reduce the chances of an accident in the future. Part of school bus safety tips is reminding your child to stay aware of where the bus and other cars are at all times. Make sure your child knows not to run, walk, or stand in the street while waiting for the bus. Explain how this can put them at risk.

You can also tell your child to wait until the bus completely stops before entering or exiting. Let your child know not to ever walk behind a school bus. Some kids run in front of school buses after school to try to beat the bus. Make sure your child knows the risks of this action. 

Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississippi

Filing a personal injury lawsuit takes a lot of patience, steps, and effort. Some bus drivers, motorists, and schools will try to work against your claim. Consider calling the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Jackson personal injury lawyer. Our team of Mississippi personal injury lawyers can help you collect the evidence you need to receive compensation.