Is There More Than One Way to Settle a Wrongful Death Claim?

Is There More Than One Way to Settle a Wrongful Death Claim?

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can be one of the hardest things to go through. Trying to deal with the financial aftermath of such a loss only adds to the distress. You may not have to pay for all the expenses associated with your loved one’s passing alone. If your loved one’s passing was caused by someone else, you could be eligible for significant compensation. See if you qualify by talking with a Jackson wrongful death lawyer today.

Three Ways to Settle a Wrongful Death Claim

There are three main ways you can file and settle a wrongful death claim. The three types of wrongful death settlements include:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Lawsuit

Some of these could cost you less money than others. Mediation and arbitration tend to cost less than a lawsuit. However, you may have no other choice but to file a lawsuit if these two options fail. Mediation and arbitration seem similar, but they differ in certain ways.

Is There More Than One Way to Settle a Wrongful Death Claim?

Mediation involves meeting with the person you are accusing of causing your loved one’s death and a person who can be the mediator. The mediator is a trained professional who will guide the discussion about compensation. A mediator can help you reach an agreement on whether compensation is warranted and how much compensation would be fair.

While a mediator can help dispel the conflict and achieve a potential resolution, this may not always work. In some cases, you may have to go one step further with the arbitration. What arbitration involves is something similar, but with a judge. The judge will listen to both sides and make a final judgment.

This can take a few meetings before a final judgment is reached. If your case involves binding arbitration, you will not be able to appeal this decision. You can file an appeal for non-binding arbitrations, but this may require filing a lawsuit. Consider contacting a Jackson wrongful death lawyer to discuss these options.

How Much Will I Be Compensated?

The amount of compensation you could receive from a wrongful death settlement depends on the situation and your persistence. Some people do not want to go through a tedious trial and accept the first settlement offered. In many cases, the first settlement is not usually fair.

There are three types of compensatory damages you could receive called economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Economic damages cover medical costs, funeral expenses, and lost earning capacity. Non-economic damages are for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment caused by your loved one’s passing.

Punitive damages are only awarded in severe cases because they are used as punishment to the negligent party.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Jackson

Filing a wrongful death claim on your own can be stressful when you are also dealing with the loss of your loved one. You can contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi personal injury lawyer for a consultation today. Our attorneys can help you increase your chances of compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses. We can be found throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.