Is Substance Abuse Prevalent in the Healthcare Industry?

Is Substance Abuse Prevalent in the Healthcare Industry?

Typically, when we think about who is affected by substance abuse, medical professionals don’t come to mind first. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other medical professionals’ job is to keep the population intact and healthy. Doing drugs or drinking too much alcohol is the antithesis to their profession.

Still, the issue of substance abuse in the medical profession is a real problem and it does exist. The nature of their job means that these individuals may have to be on call and ready to go to help a patient at any minute. Their working hours, in general, can be highly irregular. The service they provide can be very stressful. Drinking may be a way to cope with all the pressures of the job. With these individuals having the ability to access drugs, acquiring them is also easy.

If a medical professional is on the job while intoxicated, the life-changing implications that could exist for their patients are incredibly high. Negligent medical professionals that are reckless with their behavior who cause harm to their patients may be held accountable to pay for the damages that result. Victims who were injured by their medical provider should speak with a medical malpractice attorney to learn about what options there are for obtaining compensation.

How Common is Drug and Alcohol Use in the Medical Profession?

Is Substance Abuse Prevalent in the Healthcare IndustryThroughout the United States, it is estimated that approximately 7% of Americans are heavy drinkers. For individuals who work in the healthcare industry, heavy drinking is believed to exist in about 4.4% of that population. 

Prescription drug use is also an issue with healthcare workers. One study was done in 2013 on doctors and drug abuse. There were 55 doctors in the study and the results were astounding. As high as 69% of the doctors in the study used prescription drugs inappropriately at least one time in their professional career. 

The most common reasons cited by the doctors for turning to drugs was to help them with:

  • High stress.
  • Emotional issues.
  • Physical pain.

When it comes to illicit drug use, about 5.5% of healthcare workers have a problem. 

There are options for treatment and rehab that are available to healthcare workers. But these programs are only good if they are utilized by a medical professional. While some medical professionals can keep their substance use outside of work, there are several examples of times when this is not so. As a result, patients have been harmed by intoxicated medical providers.

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