January 5, 2022

Is it Safe to Drive After a Surgical Procedure?

If you have had a medical procedure or surgery, it is more than likely the hospital or surgical center that you were operated on will not allow you to leave without a designated driver. If you were administered anesthesia, it is unsafe to get behind the wheel. Driving with anesthesia in your system greatly impairs your senses and ability to operate an automobile. Doing so puts you and everyone else on the road at high risk for an accident.

Victims that were hit by a negligent driver and who sustained injuries, as a result, can take legal action for compensation. In Mississippi, filing a Mississippi personal injury claim is the civil legal process by which victims can pursue financial compensation. For more information about filing a personal injury claim in Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson personal injury attorney that offers dedicated and experienced legal counsel.

Why it is Dangerous to Drive with Anesthesia in Your System?

, Is it Safe to Drive After a Surgical Procedure?, Germany Law Firm PLLCThere are several reasons why driving yourself home after a surgical procedure is not a good idea. First, depending on your surgical procedure, you may have portions of your body that are tender and not fully functional. Then, there is the anesthesia itself which will impact your ability to function safely. In fact, not only is it not safe to drive with anesthesia in your system, often it is advised to stay away from most activities and take the day for rest.

Some of the ways that anesthesia may affect you and diminish your ability to safely drive your car include:

  • Reduced strength.
  • Limited range of motion.
  • Impaired ability to grasp the wheel.
  • Vision issues.
  • Slowed reaction time.
  • Sleepiness.
  • Nausea.

It is recommended to wait a minimum of 24 hours before driving a car, cooking, operating heavy machinery, and other types of activities that could pose a potential danger. But, it is common that medical professionals will advise on allowing 48 hours to get back to activities like driving so the anesthesia has time to completely dissipate in a person’s system. 

Sometimes, a person has prescribed medication that is meant to sedate or to numb pain. If medication that can alter a person’s cognitive and physical abilities is prescribed, the time that a person should avoid driving will be increased for however long it is that they are taking the prescription.

If you decide to drive despite the warnings not to when you have anesthesia or prescription medications in your body, and you cause an accident, you could be arrested for driving while intoxicated. So, not only can you injure yourself and others if you drive after a surgical procedure that involved anesthesia, but you could face both civil and legal repercussions.

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Driving while you have anything in your system that can impair your abilities is dangerous and unlawful. If you were injured in a Mississippi car accident, the Jackson car accident attorney at Germany Law Firm, PLLC can meet with you during a free consultation at (601) 487-0555 today.

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