November 28, 2021

Is it Illegal to Drive Another Person's Car in Mississippi?

It is illegal to drive someone else’s car if you do not have permission. However, when permission is granted to drive another person’s car, it is not illegal to do so. This is often the case within families. One family member will purchase an automobile and others in the home may drive it.  When this happens, often, the family member who purchased the car and expected others in the home to drive it most likely included these other parties on their insurance.

Every time that you head out on the road, you are at risk for a car accident. Each year in the country, more than six million accidents take place and they range from mild fender benders to fatal crashes. Allowing others to drive your automobile is very risky and potentially puts you as the car’s owner in harm’s way. 

Should a crash happen with your vehicle, it is important to understand your rights. Each state has its own fault system. The system your state uses will dictate how you can be compensated for your damages after an injury accident takes place. Mississippi, for example, follows a pure comparative fault system. This means that people involved in a Mississippi car accident can be compensated for damages even if they had a fault in causing the incident.

What Happens if Another Person Crashes Your Car?

, Is it Illegal to Drive Another Person's Car in Mississippi?, Germany Law Firm PLLCUnless it is one of your family members that are on your insurance policy and for whom you intend to drive your automobile, it is wise not to allow others to borrow your car. Even though this advice is good and highly recommended, people still allow others to use their car. There are several reasons as to why you may be compelled to allow another party to drive your automobile, but ultimately, if a crash happens you are likely going to be responsible for the aftermath.

Typically, it will be your insurance that will be responsible for covering the damages that result after another person driving your car is in a crash. If that person has their own automobile insurance, this could serve to be secondary insurance for catastrophic accidents with substantial costs. 

In rare instances, if there is a reason that warrants another driver to use your car, it is imperative that they are safe drivers. Lending your car to reckless people only puts you at risk of having to manage the aftermath of a crash. Which can include steadily increasing insurance costs.

The good news is, that if someone else is pulled over and given a citation for a driving violation, it is not your responsibility to pay this fine. 

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