Is Daylight Savings Time Dangerous for Drivers?

Is Daylight Savings Time Dangerous for Drivers?

There are so many situations that can cause a car accident to happen. Car accidents are some of the most common occurrences across the United States. And, as a developed nation, the United States has some of the highest numbers of car accidents that take place on an annual basis when compared to other similar countries.

Each year as March comes around, all but two of the states in the United States of America follow the daylight savings tradition and will turn their clocks forward one hour. Daylight savings time is a standard that many people appreciate and have their reasons why just as it is a contentious topic that others believe should be done away with. Still, with the exception of Hawaii and Arizona, the rest of the country chooses to follow the system, and as a result, for six months of the year will be on an adjusted time schedule.

Can DST Be Dangerous?

Is Daylight Savings Time Dangerous for Drivers?DST does have an effect on the physical and mental systems in a person’s body. Moving a persons’ schedule by even as little as one hour impacts the body’s ability to function at a high level for a certain period of time. For some, acclimating to the new time format can take days, others need more than a week to be fully functional on a new schedule.

Specifically, the body’s natural circadian rhythm is important to helping people maintain balance in their life by getting rest and being activated and ready for the day. Light from the sun and darkness at night have an impact on a circadian rhythm which then, also affects how a person behaves and how clearly they can think. When DST happens, the circadian rhythm is thrown off a bit and needs time to get back in order.

So in areas where DST is followed not only is the body’s circadian rhythm disrupted but also, the lack of that hour’s sleep can make a person considerably more tired than they normally would be. This is why for that week following the DST, there is actually an uptick of over 6% in crashes on the roads that take place. 

Adjusting to DST can be a reason why drivers are less alert to their surroundings which, ultimately also makes the act of driving safely more difficult, dangerous, and even deadly. Drowsy driving and inattentive driving are two of the leading factors that cause a large majority of car accidents.

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