Is Chronic Pain Normal After a Car Accident?

Is Chronic Pain Normal After a Car Accident?

Healthcare specialists sort pain into one of two classes. The first class is acute pain, which is the pain that you endure directly after a car crash. It is a sharp or abrupt pain that diminishes with time. The second class is chronic pain. Chronic pain persists for an unspecified length of time and will not get better on its own.

If you have encountered chronic pain following a car crash, you are in good company. The majority of auto accident victims undergo this very same medical issue. Part of managing and treating your chronic pain is knowing what is causing it and how it can impact your overall health and your quality of life.

How Do Car Crashes Cause Chronic Pain?

Is Chronic Pain Normal After a Car Accident?

Injuries are practically guaranteed to occur when your body is put through the ordeal of an auto accident. Although a lot of crash victims manage to recover fully from their injuries, there are many people who are not so lucky. Anytime a victim routinely endures physical pain following a crash, they can be professionally diagnosed with chronic pain. Based on a report from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 12-14% of adults experience chronic general pain. The more frequent kinds of chronic pain include:

  • Post-surgical Pain: Certain accident-related injuries, such as broken bones, that might necessitate surgery as part of the healing process. In addition to these invasive types of surgeries come postoperative pain. Although this pain will probably diminish as the injury improves, it could take months or maybe years based on the nature of the injury. In many instances, the victim might have to endure life-long pain.
  • Post-Trauma Pain: When your body experiences any type of injury, pain is an expected side effect. A typical case of chronic post-traumatic pain would be someone who was diagnosed with whiplash. Whiplash symptoms typically last for months following an accident. This is because the tendons, soft tissue, and muscles affected by whiplash are slow to heal.
  • Lower Back Pain: Lower back pain is exceptionally normal in car crash victims. When the discs located in and around the spinal column are hurt or torn, the resulting pain could become chronic.
  • Neurogenic Pain: Neurogenic pain is a type of pain that is brought on by damage to the nerves. This form of chronic pain is very difficult to manage.
  • Psychogenic Pain: Intertwined with the concept of the placebo effect, this psychosomatic form of pain only exists in the patient’s mind. Psychogenic pain is not the result of any physical injury, impairment, or disease. Rather, its onset is triggered by a lengthy period of emotional or psychological pain.

Trying to manage chronic pain caused by an auto accident is both frustrating and overwhelming. It is also very costly. If you and your doctor are experimenting with various pain relief techniques trying to find the one that works best for you, huge medical bills will likely start piling up very quickly.

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