How Whiplash Can Lead to Long-Term Problems in Mississippi

How Whiplash Can Lead to Long-Term Problems in Mississippi

You may have heard about whiplash before, in association with car accidents, but what many people do not know is that whiplash can become chronic and the pain caused by this condition can dramatically alter a person’s life. Mississippi car accidents are not uncommon and can lead to a variety of injuries, one of the most common injuries being whiplash. In many cases, whiplash goes away with rest or medical treatments, but in rare cases, whiplash can turn into chronic pain that lasts years. Talk to a Mississippi auto accident lawyer if the car accident that caused your whiplash pain was caused by a negligent driver.

What is Chronic Whiplash Pain?

Mississippi chronic whiplash pain is a type of pain that lies within a person’s neck and sometimes, a person’s head and shoulders. One of the most commonly associated causes of whiplash, a type of soft tissue injury, is car accidents. The unique and violent forces of a car accident are powerful enough to induce damage to the nerves, muscles, and other tissues that run down the neck.

This damage can lead to physical pain that can become worse with movement and spread to How Whiplash Can Lead to Long-Term Problems in Mississippithe shoulders or head. Other common symptoms of whiplash that many people are less familiar with include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration or memory problems
  • Burning or prickling sensations in the neck

The pain caused by whiplash in Mississippi can make people develop a stiff neck. Other people may face difficulties with sleep due to the pain along with decreased energy and increased discomfort as a result. Over a period of several years of chronic whiplash pain, some people develop insomnia, depression, and changes in mood. This can lead to a state of decreased well-being and prolonged psychological suffering.

How Whiplash Pain Can Change Your Life in Mississippi

Chronic whiplash pain can change your life in more than just physical and psychological ways. The medical costs of Mississippi chronic whiplash treatment can add up fast when nothing seems to be working and doctors have to move to the next and often more expensive treatment option. There are a total of six main types of treatments of whiplash pain.

One of the first two types of early treatments are rest and applying heat or coldness to the neck and head regions. If this does not work, a doctor may also recommend a third treatment option of over-the-counter medications. When these three treatment options fail, the fourth option is stronger medicine in the form of prescription medications that target nerve pain. Muscle relaxants are the fifth option but often come with the inconvenient side effect of drowsiness. This can make being productive difficult.

The sixth and last medical option is injections of lidocaine into the painful neck areas. Exercise and physical therapy may also help and serve as alternatives to battling neck pain.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Mississippi

Managing chronic whiplash pain can be exhausting and expensive. Call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson multi-vehicle accident attorney today about your options for compensation. One of our Mississippi car accident lawyers can work with you to help you obtain compensation for medical bills in addition to pain and suffering.