How Unsecured Objects In Your Car Can Hurt You

How Unsecured Objects In Your Car Can Hurt You

Many people errantly overlook the risks that unsecured objects in cars can present, but in truth, the interior of your vehicle can be just as dangerous as anything you’d encounter outside of it on the road at large. Unsecured objects can both make you more likely to get into an accident and can exacerbate the injuries and auto accident damages sustained in a collision, so know the risks that loose objects in your vehicle can pose:

  • How Unsecured Objects In Your Car Can Hurt YouAnything you fail to secure or store properly (people included) could become a projectile in the event of an accident. Even simple, 16 oz water bottles can gain the force of a 21-pound object in a mere 50mph accident, which is to say nothing of how overwhelmingly lethal heavier, harder objects can become.
  • Even when stored low to the ground, small objects such as water bottles can become lodged under brake pedals, completely eliminating your ability to stop quickly in an emergency.
  • Flying loose objects and spilled items can cause instantaneous, unexpected distractions, constituting an extremely dangerous form of distracted driving, as you may completely lose control of the vehicle if you panic and try to catch anything.

Securing Objects Appropriately 

So, with the knowledge of how dangerous unsecured objects can be, how can you go about protecting yourself? In general, the key to staying safe is to store fewer items in your vehicle, secure as much as possible, and always keep items to safer areas where they won’t interfere with your driving. You should never store anything on or around the driver’s seat, dashboard, gear stick, or other mechanisms you use to drive, no matter how small the item; on top of that, you’ll want to follow a few other guidelines:

  • Store as much as possible in the trunk or in glove boxes/ other compartments of the vehicle designated for storage. Heavier objects and anything you need to store elsewhere should be kept at the foot of rear passenger seats, on the floor, and pressed against the seats in front of them. If you have a truck bed, secure things with harnesses and cargo nets appropriately.
  • Always keep your car clean and organized. If you or your passengers create litter while driving, store it in glove boxes, pockets, or other places where they won’t interfere; when you get out of the vehicle, make a habit of taking trash and loose items with you.
  • People can become projectiles too, so make sure everyone buckles up. Children should be secured in properly installed child restraint devices as per Mississippi’s child safety seat guidelines. If you’re unsure of how to install a car seat yourself, there are numerous technicians and car seat fit stations in the state that can help.
  • Dogs and other animals should be treated similarly to human passengers; when traveling with a pet, keep them in a crate stored on the floor and pressed against the backside of seats. In lieu of a crate, certified doggy seat belts and similar restraint devices can be acceptable.

Mississippi Auto Accidents and Unsecured Objects

If an unsecured object injures or kills someone, or causes you additional financial damages (both due to damages to the object and anything it may break in flight, such as the windshield), your case immediately becomes more complex, as you’ll be partially liable for failing to secure things appropriately. Talking to a Mississippi auto accident attorney is the best way to learn how this may impact your compensation at large, so give Germany Law Firm, PLLC a call today at (601) 401-6884 to schedule a free consultation and get started.