How to Use Comparative Negligence as a Passenger in a Mississippi Car Accident

How to Use Comparative Negligence as a Passenger in a Mississippi Car Accident

Suffering Mississippi personal injuries after an unexpected car accident as a passenger can be frustrating when you are expected to pay for your own injuries. You might be able to avoid this by filing a personal injury claim against your driver or the other driver, depending on who was mostly at fault for the accident. To do this, you will need evidence that demonstrates comparative negligence. However, if the auto insurance company tries to avoid compensating you, feel free to talk to a Mississippi Auto Accident Attorney who can defend your rights.

What is Mississippi Comparative Negligence?

Mississippi comparative negligence simply means fault for the car accident will be divided up into percentages for each driver involved in the accident. Assuming the car accident you survived only involved two drivers – your driver and the other driver – the percentage of fault would be divided up by the court amongst these two drivers. You are not considered part of the percentage of fault as a passenger.

How to Use Comparative Negligence as a Passenger in a Mississippi Car AccidentThe only time you could be assigned a percentage of fault is if one of the drivers or another passenger claims you distracted the driver in a manner that contributed to the cause of the accident. You can rest assured that in the majority of Mississippi car accident cases, passengers are not deemed at fault for the accident. This opens up the option to file a personal injury lawsuit against your driver, the other driver, or both drivers if compensation from one driver is not enough to cover all your damages.

Depending on what happened, you could potentially seek compensation as a passenger for medical bills for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages in Mississippi. Be sure to seek help from a lawyer if you are experiencing difficulties with proving these damages.

Legal Steps Passengers Can Take After a Mississippi Auto Accident

You might be free from fault as a passenger, but you will still want to collect Mississippi car accident evidence to support your personal injury claim. Without evidence, you may not be given the compensation you need to fully recover. Collecting car accident evidence is straightforward and involves:

  • Taking pictures of the accident, your injuries, and vehicle damages
  • Obtaining a copy of the police report and your medical records related to the accident
  • Keeping any and all receipts for other costs associated with car accident damages
  • Gathering any paystubs during the time you had to take off from work because of the accident

Once you have all this evidence, you can have a lawyer look this over or submit the claim yourself with the appropriate insurance company.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Lawyer in Mississippi

Some insurance companies will outright delay or deny your claim for insufficient reasons. Do not hesitate to call the Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Mississippi Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer today if this happened to you. One of our experienced Mississippi car accident attorneys can investigate what happened, figure out where you have legal advantages, and take the steps necessary to help secure compensation that is fair and beneficial to you.