How to Prove a Driver’s Fault in T-Bone Accidents

How to Prove a Driver’s Fault in T-Bone Accidents

Hundreds of people die from fatal car accidents every year in Mississippi, with over 600 fatalities in 2018. These fatalities can occur through single-car accidents, rollovers, rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, or T-bone accidents. T-bone accidents, in particular, are among the deadliest types of accidents, only behind head-on collisions.

T-bone accidents might leave you blindsided and lost at what to do. You may find yourself facing insurance of your health and your car, as well as others involved in the accident. Because of the complications of a T-bone accident, determining which driver is responsible for damages can be difficult. But if you believe to be innocent in a T-bone collision, how can you prove it? By taking necessary precautions after an accident, you can prove innocence through the court of law and acquire proper compensation.

What to Do After the Accident

Accidents can be frightening experiences that trigger panic within victims, but remaining calm can be essential. Many different events occur at once in a car accident: property damage, car damage, physical injuries, and emotional scars. Therefore, it can be difficult to remember such important steps that will help you after the accident. It goes without saying that seeking medical attention should be your greatest priority; however, you should also gather information regarding the accident, including the time of occurrence and pictures of the scene.

You may not be physically able to record some of these pieces, which is why finding witnesses becomes so crucial. Knowing the time can help the police find video evidence and traffic light timing to better understand the incident. In some cases, time can even prove whether or not a driver was using their phone while driving. This can be especially helpful with T-bone accidents, as traffic lights and distracted driving often lead to them.

In addition, taking photos at the scene can improve your case—with traces that can indicate how T-bone accidents occur. These photos of the car accident can be of the accident itself, car damage, property damage, injuries, the location, or even weather conditions. Any of these aspects can act as factors in your accident.

Furthermore, you also must take appropriate action for handling the accident itself and moving forward. Firstly, do not take the blame for an accident or apologize right away, even if you believe you carry the blame. You also should not throw accusations towards anyone else involved immediately. Apologizing can lead to suspicion of blame towards you or make you seem reckless. The best course of action would be reaming calm and hiring a lawyer as soon as possible for legal representation.

Proving an Opposing Driver’s Negligence

Being involved in a T-bone accident can be disorienting, but the truth is you may be completely innocent. If you trulyHow to Prove a Driver’s Fault in T-Bone Accidents believe to be blameless, you should take legal action with a lawyer once possible. In such a case, you must prove the opposing driver’s negligence, but how? By hiring a lawyer and providing potential evidence such as photos, witnesses, and timestamps, you can start an investigation.

Financial burdens such as hospital bills, lost wages, property damage, car damage, and other assets can cripple your life. As an innocent victim, you should not only pursue compensation but professional assistance to move forward after an accident. Moreover, if these unfortunate circumstances are caused by an irresponsible driver, you have the right to seek a fair trial. Proving your innocence and another driver’s negligence can not only help you but settle a case for involved parties.

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