How to Prove a Defective Product Caused Your Injuries

How to Prove a Defective Product Caused Your Injuries

Proving a defective product caused your injuries is not always easy. Being aware of some of the basic steps that go into proving a defective product claim might make this easier. First, you will want to figure out the type of product defect that caused your injuries. Then, you will need to figure out what evidence you need to prove this. If you have any other questions about proving a defective product claim in Mississippi, talk to a Jackson defective product attorney.

Figure Out the Type of Product Defect First

The good news about figuring out which product defect caused your injuries is that there are only three of them. These three types of product defects include design defects, marketing defects, and manufacturing defects. You might be wondering why knowing the type of defect is so important.

Knowing the type of product defect is essential for any product liability case. This product defect type will tell you what evidence you will need. You will also be required to prove the How to Prove a Defective Product Caused Your Injuriesdefect that caused your injuries in court. Having the type of defect that caused your injuries is necessary for this.

Marketing defects, one of the easiest product liability claims to prove, involve problems with labeling. There is a reason almost every product you have has detailed instructions and warning labels. Companies that fail to put warning labels and risks of improper use could be sued when someone is injured. Warning labels are designed to protect consumers from harm.

Design defects can be the hardest to prove because they involve proving problems in the blueprints of the product itself. These defects exist in every version of that product that was released.

Manufacturing defects can be difficult to prove depending on what they involve. These usually only affect the product you purchased. This defect happens during the factory production of the item.

How to Prove the Damages You Suffered

You might find it relieving to hear that you only have to prove the product defect. You are not expected to prove the negligence of the product manufacturer. Compared to proving a defect, proving negligence is often a long a tedious process. However, you will need to prove your damages in a product liability claim.

Common damages caused by defective products include physical injuries, pain and suffering, psychological distress, and lost wages. With a product liability claim, you might be able to have your medical bills paid for by the product manufacturer. If your injuries resulted in lost wages, you might be able to have these covered too.

All it takes is contacting a Mississippi defective product lawyer to figure out what your options are. A lawyer can help you collect the evidence you need.

Defective Product Attorney in Mississippi

If you suffered injuries from a defective product, then you might be eligible for significant compensation. Contact Germany Law Firm, PLLC at (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Madison personal injury lawyer for a consultation today. Our legal team can help you seek compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income. You can find us in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.