How to Protect Against Mississippi Car Accidents At Dusk and Dawn

How to Protect Against Mississippi Car Accidents At Dusk and Dawn

If you are on the road and driving during a very bright and sunny day, wearing sunglasses and using your visor can help shield you from that blinding light so you can see the road better and be able to drive safely. At night, using your car’s headlights increases your visibility. If you are driving in sleet and slippery conditions, slowing your speed down can reduce the risk of sliding. Very heavy rainfall may make it not only difficult for you to see the road and other cars or objects, but also for others to see you. When this happens, if you are able to pull over to wait for the rain to slow down or pass, you could reduce your risk of a Mississippi car accident.

Outside of these conditions, there are other times where driving can be extremely challenging. Dusk and dawn pose a threat to drivers because the eyes have a hard time clearly seeing when the road is shadowed and dark while the sky is beginning to light up. As the sun rises and falls, the glare that is given off only exacerbates the problem and intensifies the inability to see objects. What also makes these times even more difficult is that drivers who are up early or coming home late could also be sleepy and less focused and alert posing a significant threat to everyone on the road.

How To Reduce Your Risk of a Crash When you Drive at Dusk or Dawn

How to Protect Against Mississippi Car Accidents At Dusk and DawnIf you understand what the risks are for driving at dusk and dawn you will know what to look out for and also be prepared for what challenges you will face. 

  • As the sun is coming up or when the sun is lowering the lighting is going to be changing. Your eyes will have to adjust to the change, so always keeping sunglasses in your car to quickly grab when you need to shield your eyes from glare is a must. Equally as important, is knowing when to take the sunglasses off. Do this when the conditions become darker.
  • If you are having a difficult time seeing when the sun is setting because you are experiencing a fleeting bit of blindness, pulling over and waiting for it to completely go down is worth your while.
  • Even if the sun hasn’t set and there is light, you should still put on your headlights to make your car more visible to others.
  • As the sun sets or before it comes up the temperature change can cause your windows to develop fog. It is difficult to navigate through foggy windows, so if this happens, simply cracking your car’s windows for a moment can help. Or your car’s defroster could also clear up the situation.
  • Animals may be moving about when it is dark and when the sun starts to come up they will likely be looking for cover. So be aware that especially if you are driving near wooded areas or open farmland animals may unexpectedly dart out into the road. Being mindful of this possibility can help you better look out for them.

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