How to Prevent Accidents Caused by Sun Glare

How to Prevent Accidents Caused by Sun Glare

Every driver has a time period or condition they hate driving through for various reasons. Many drivers hate driving at night due to the lack of certainty and lighting in some areas. Others hate driving in the rain due to impaired visibility. Some fear the sheer idea of driving in the snow for the possibility of slipping and hydroplaning. Unfortunately, one of the most common enemies between all these drivers, however, is the sun.

The sun is a double-edged sword that can be a driver’s greatest asset and worst foe while traveling. Sunlight provides the most primary source of light and visibility while driving outside. But when we drive directly towards the sun—especially at sunrise or sunset—seeing at all becomes difficult.

Driving in the same direction the sun faces often causes a glare that makes us want to avert our eyes. So, how do we handle the everyday struggle of driving against intense sunlight? With just a few precautions and preparations, you drive freely in the sun with little issue.

Keeping Your Windshield Clean

The windshield acts as the eyes for your car and keeping them clean is crucial for proper visibility. If your windshield is covered in dust and dirt, this can increase the intensity of glare from the sun. The outside can naturally get coated with gravel and dirt when driving around, especially when driving in the countryside.

How to Prevent Accidents Caused by Sun Glare

Thankfully, most if not all cars come equipped with windshield wiper jets to spray and clean off dirt with wipers. Nevertheless, dust can still collect from the inside on the windshield, so you should clean your car regularly. Many car washes offer to clean both the inside and outside of your car, and this can help address these problems.

Additionally, you should also keep your car’s windshield wipers clean. If the wipers themselves are not clean, they cannot clean your windshield when you need to. Using filthy windshield wipers would be no different than trying to clean windows with a dirty towel. Even just minor maintenance of the inside and outside of your car will help protect you from intense sun glare.

Protecting Your Eyes

Above all else, the glare of the sun attacks the driver’s eyes. Without them, you have no idea where to drive, when to turn, or how fast or slow to go. When sunlight puts your eyes in jeopardy, you may as well be driving blind. But there are many ways to shield and protect your eyes from the harm of sunlight and glare.

All cars provide sun visors in the driver and passenger’s seat that you can lower to reduce leaking sunlight. Angling them based on your height and the sun’s position alleviates the stress, but will not completely subdue it. For better all-around coverage of glare, consider always having a pair of sunglasses readily available. Polarized sunglasses are especially effective with sunlight resistance, notably when the sun begins setting or rising. Since sun visors can only lower so much without obscuring your view, sunglasses are the most ideal solution to protecting your eyesight.

Slowing Down

Many drivers hear the phrase a lot: “Slow down!” Speeding not only feels scary for passengers, but it puts everyone around you at risk. Thousands of automobile accident deaths are connected to speeding, with a third of fatalities correlating to it. But the speeding itself may not be dangerous in sunlight, but rather your reaction to glare while speeding.

When we lose visibility while driving, many drivers panic and slam their brakes or stop entirely to avoid hitting anything. Abrupt stops can affect vehicles behind you and cause a pile-up because they likely cannot see well either. Avoid speeding entirely, but when glare hurts your visibility, gradually slow down and use lane markings to guide you. With the right preparation and following the right guidelines, you can minimize the problems that glare presents while driving.

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