How to Pick a Safe Car For Your Teen Driver

How to Pick a Safe Car For Your Teen Driver

Parents in Mississippi who are in the market to buy a car for their new driver put safety first when it comes to what kind of automobile is chosen. Safety is one of the top factors that most people think about when they are deciding on what type of car will suit their needs best. The United States of America has more than six million car accidents every year and many of them have devastating outcomes. Teens, though, especially those aged 16-19 are the most vulnerable group to deadly crashes in the country. For this reason, the safety of an automobile is the number one most important element in picking the right vehicle for a new driver.

In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 2,500 teens as young as 13 years of age to 19 years of age died in car crashes across the country. This same age group had 285,000 injures that required treatment in emergency rooms. Mississippi car collisions can have a range of outcomes from minor to severe, and even deadly. There is no way to stop an accident from taking place, but with experience and safe driving practices every time you hit the road, you can decrease the probability of being in a Jackson vehicular accident. 

Tips for Parents Car Shopping for Their Teen

How to Pick a Safe Car For Your Teen DriverIt is common for parents to look for a safe but affordable car for their children. Purchasing a used car is one way to save some money. In fact, the results of a national survey that focused on parents who had new drivers, an astounding 83% of those interviewed went the used car route for their teen. There are plenty of used cars in good condition that has the modern safety features and protections that you would want for your child. There are also cars that seem like a bargain and appear to be a great deal overall, but in reality, do not offer up-to-date impact protections and also tend to lack adequate safety technologies.

Aside from safety features built into the car, the size of the car also plays a role in driver security. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that in those fatal accidents where teens were involved, the cars that were most commonly driven were older and smaller. Examining all the studies, research, and surveys available, the IIHS has the following recommendations for picking a vehicle for your teen:

  • Cars with a higher horsepower can accelerate from a stopped position very fast. These cars have more torque which means not only can they get moving quickly they also can achieve high rates of speed. Speeding is a leading cause of death in young drivers which is why these types of cars should be avoided.
  • Larger vehicles are a good choice because of their increased visibility. Also, the heavier the car the more impact protection if a collision takes place.
  • Never buy a very small or mini car.
  • The car must be equipped with ESC to increase control during turns and in slippery conditions.
  • Look for cars that are rated high in the IIHS side crash test as well as at least four stars rated by the National Highway Safety Administration.

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