How to Manage Chemical Burns from a Mississippi Car Accident

How to Manage Chemical Burns from a Mississippi Car Accident

Chemical burns represent some of the rarer Mississippi personal injuries to result from car accidents. They can be caused by leaking fluids and airbag issues that lead to corrosive chemicals coming in contact with the skin. Not everyone realizes how detrimental some chemical burns can be and not everyone knows how to properly handle them. Knowing what to do is your safest bet at avoiding serious damage from chemical burns. If your burns were caused by a negligent driver, then try contacting an Oxford Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney to discuss compensation options.

How Do Mississippi Car Accidents Cause Chemical Burns?

Many people wonder how car accidents even cause chemical burns. The reality is that a fair amount of Mississippi car accident chemical burns originate from airbag deployment issues. How to Manage Chemical Burns from a Mississippi Car AccidentAirbags do not always deploy perfectly and can sometimes leak the corrosive gases and chemicals that make airbags work. Contact with the skin has been known to result in superficial and partial-thickness burns.

Other chemicals that can cause burns to the skin and eyes include gasoline, battery acid, and some of the various fluids that power a vehicle. Whether these come in contact with you depends on the severity of the crash and where you are during and after the accident. Severe vehicle damages to the front of your car are more likely to lead to chemical burns because many of the fluids are stored under the hood.

The severity of your chemical burns depends on the type of chemical, duration of exposure, and how soon you can receive medical help. Some burns come out worse than others and may require different levels of Mississippi burn treatment with their own varying levels of medical bills.

Recognizing and Managing Mississippi Chemical Burns

The first step in managing chemical burns is recognizing them when you see them. A chemical burn tends to involve redness of the skin or eyes depending on where the chemical came in contact with you. You will likely feel burning sensations on your skin or heavy watering in your eyes. Other Mississippi chemical burn symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Blisters
  • Hives
  • Blurry vision

Never apply medicine to a chemical burn and never remove dead skin or puncture blisters because this could worsen the injury or increase the chances of infection. What you can do until paramedics arrive is wash the area thoroughly with cool water, but always be safe and ask the paramedics over the phone if this is safe because certain chemicals react differently with water. Be careful not to come in contact with the chemical yourself. You can place a wet cloth on the area to alleviate pain.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney in Mississippi

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