How To Handle An Out-of-State Car Accident

How To Handle An Out-of-State Car Accident

Car accidents are not the exclusive concern of drivers in their state of residence. Out-of-state car accidents occur just as frequently and can have you feeling overwhelmed and doubtful about what you should do when you are far from home.

In terms of guaranteeing your safety and defending your legal rights, out-of-state car crashes can be dealt with in the same manner as a car crash three blocks from your house. The same basic safety measures need to be taken, including:

  • Contacting the authorities
  • Getting medical attention
  • Taking pictures of the cars, your injuries, and the scene in general
  • Collecting statements from any witnesses along with their contact information
  • Contacting your insurance agent

Admittedly, this To-Do list is very basic and easy to accomplish, however, auto accident claims that cross state lines may be a bit more complicated. Here is the break down of how claims are managed when out-of-state drivers are involved.

If You’re Hit by an Out-of-State Driver in Mississippi

How to Handle an Out-of-State Car AccidentHow to Handle an Out-of-State Car Accident

In just about every car accident case, the laws that govern the state in which the collision occurred will be followed. What this means is that if you are a Mississippi resident and get hit by an out-of-state driver, your case would abide by Mississippi’s comparative negligence law because that is the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred. 

Comparative negligence is a law that allows two drivers to be found guilty for varying degrees of fault for the same accident. Not every state operates under this law and an out-of-state driver may be unfamiliar with it.

For instance, a Mississippi resident could be determined to be 15 percent at fault for a collision with an out-of-state driver. In this situation, the out-of-state driver’s insurance carrier would be liable for compensating the Mississippi resident for 85 percent of the total amount of damages.

If You’re Hit by a Driver Outside of Mississippi State Lines

Should you leave the state of Mississippi to go adventuring, you are at just as much of a risk of being in a car accident as you are when you’re in your home state. Your odds of a crash may actually even be slightly higher since you are unfamiliar with the weather and roadways of another part of the country. Should this happen to you, your car accident case will be held whatever rules of fault that state goes by.

For instance, if you are from Mississippi but were traveling through Alabama when you were injured in a car crash. Your case would come under that jurisdiction of Alabama and would be subject to their contributory negligence laws.

An out-of-state car accident is a tricky thing to deal with all by yourself. You may find that you have more questions than answers. At Germany Law Firm, PLLC, our Mississippi car accident attorneys have decades of collective experience in dealing with some of the most complicated accident cases in the area. 

Our legal team is able to help discover the person responsible for your injuries and ensure that you receive the financial compensation you require to cover your medical bills, lost income, and property damage. 

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