How to Become an Organ Donor in Mississippi

How to Become an Organ Donor in Mississippi

There are currently more than 22,000 Mississippi residents who are anxiously waiting for their names to move up the never-ending waiting lists for viable human organs. The majority of these people have an end-stage organ disease of some kind and are suffering from chronic pain and a severely diminished quality of life. In most cases, their life expectancy is substantially shorter than it would otherwise be with a healthy organ. Receiving an organ that would have just been buried with you is an incredible gift for these people. It often means the difference between life and death for them. One organ donor has the potential to save eight lives or improve the quality of dozens while saving the eyesight of two more.

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How to Become an Organ Donor in Mississippi

Once you decide that you would like to be an organ donor, you will need to make your intentions known legally. You will begin by visiting the state’s donor organ database at the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency and registering yourself. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will be able to fully complete the registration online. Once you pass on, some medical personnel at the hospital or the funeral home, etc. will run your name through the state’s donor registry and should be able to quickly verify that you wanted to be an organ donor.

Change Your Driver’s License 

When the time comes for you to have to renew your Mississippi driver’s license, you will want to check the box that says  “Yes! Add my name to the donor registry” on your license renewal application. A pink dot noting that you are in fact an organ donor will show up on your new driver’s license. Your vital information will also be sent along to the MORA website. This also means that if you have ever used your Mississippi driver’s license to indicate that you want to be an organ donor, then you don’t have to fill out the online registration. If you have ever been listed as an organ donor in a state outside of Mississippi then you will need to complete the online registration as discussed in the beginning. The current Mississippi Bar website is also a good source of information on how to officially become an organ donor. 

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