How the Discovery Process Works for Mississippi Personal Injury Claims

How the Discovery Process Works for Mississippi Personal Injury Claims

Whether you suffered personal injuries from a car accident, medical malpractice, a slip-and-fall, or a workplace accident, you have the option to file a Mississippi personal injury claim for compensation if someone else was at fault. This can help you pay for any medical expenses and lost wages you suffered after the accident. Some personal injury claims are disputed enough by the other party to take the case to trial. When this happens, you may need help from a Jackson Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney for help with the discovery process and other parts of the trial.

When is the Discovery Process Used in Mississippi?

The Mississippi discovery process is used when personal injury claims go to trial and the judge needs to see the evidence and information from both sides. One of the first things that will happen within the discovery process is the initial complaint. This would How the Discovery Process Works for Mississippi Personal Injury Claimsbe your personal injury claim against the person who caused your injuries or played a role in the accident that caused your injuries.

A legal complaint details who was involved, what happened, evidence you have, and a demand for the amount of compensation you want to receive from the other person. After this is filed, a summons will be sent to inform the other person that they are being sued and why. This process might stop here if the person fails to respond to the summons by a certain time because this would make them guilty by default.

If the defendant responds to the summons with a counterclaim or disagreement, your case will go to trial and the discovery process will begin. The main goal of the discovery process is to objectively look at evidence from both sides.

What Does the Discovery Process Involve in Mississippi?

The main phases of a Mississippi discovery process involve written discovery, depositions, and document production. Each of these phases involves the presentation of different forms of evidence. Written discovery involves interrogating each party to reveal different information. You might be questioned by the other person’s lawyer and your lawyer may ask the other person questions.

Mississippi depositions can come in the form of writing, video footage, or audio recordings. These usually involve statements by witnesses that let parties know what the witness will say during the actual trial. The tricky thing with depositions is the other party may use the deposition against your claim through cross-examination. Document production involves requesting documents from both sides like police reports, your medical records, phone records, and other documents that are relevant to your case.

Auto Accidents Attorney in Mississippi

Going through the tedious and complicated process of a personal injury trial can be overwhelming. Contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Jackson Auto Accident Lawyer for a case consultation. Our legal team of Mississippi car accident lawyers can help you prepare a strong defense for your claim and help you formulate how to respond to discovery questions. You could be eligible to receive compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.