How Tailgating Leads to Car Accidents

How Tailgating Leads to Car Accidents

Motorists who feel stuck behind a slow driver may tailgate as often as drivers who are running late. Not everyone realizes how risky tailgating is for the driver who engages in tailgating and other drivers on the road. Learning about how tailgating leads to car accidents might be enough to reduce these types of accidents. If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by someone else, feel free to ask a Jackson auto accident lawyer for help.

Risks of Tailgating

Tailgating falls into the category of aggressive driving behaviors, all of which increase the chances of a car accident. What happens during tailgating is one driver follows too closely behind another driver. Many incidents of aggressive tailgating lead to major car accidents, injuries, and deaths.

What makes tailgating so risky is not being able to fully stop in time if the driver in the front stops unexpectedly. Drivers who are tailgating other drivers will not have enough distance or time to fully stop their own vehicle. This commonly leads to rear-end car accidents, where both drivers are injured.

The faster the drivers are traveling, the worse the outcomes tend to be. A rear-end accident at 70 miles an hour can inflict significantly greater harm than a collision at 30 miles per hour. Higher speed rear-end accidents often involve life-threatening injuries and fatalities.

How Tailgating Leads to Car Accidents

A driver might be tailgating another driver if there are less than two car lengths between them. The shorter the distance, the less the chances are the driver in the back will be able to brake in enough time. One of the main problems is that many drivers who tailgate are thinking an accident will not happen to them.

How to Avoid Tailgating Accidents

There are ways to avoid aggressive drivers that might decrease your chances of an accident. When someone is tailgating you, try pulling off partly or fully to the shoulder when possible. If this is not possible, consider flashing your brake lights whenever you are about to stop.

Move over to let speeding drivers pass whenever possible to prevent someone from tailgating you. When drivers are speeding, they are more likely to tailgate you if you move in front of them when a two-lane road is ending. Instead of trying to beat them to the one-lane road, consider slowing down to let them pass. This will probably end up happening anyway.

Do not panic if you find yourself in an accident. Be cautious about how you approach a driver who rear-ended your vehicle. The last thing you want is for a fight to happen. Instead, consider calling 911 for the paramedics and police. Try contacting a Jackson car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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