How Spinal Cord Injuries Can Change Your Life

How Spinal Cord Injuries Can Change Your Life

Spinal cord injuries result in drastic life changes in multiple areas of life. Not only might you be faced with long-term medical bills, but you may also find yourself unable to work at the job you used to. Severe spinal cord injuries can put you in a wheelchair for life with the need for daily care. You may not have to pay for all these added expenses if your spinal cord injury was caused by a negligent driver. If you have suffered such an injury in the state of Mississippi, feel free to ask a Jackson spinal cord injury lawyer for guidance.

Common Major Life Changes

One of the most well-known changes that happen with a spinal cord injury is the loss of the ability to move and feel anything. This loss of sensation and movement tends to happen from the injury site downward. Incomplete spinal cord injuries may allow movement and sensation in some body parts. Complete spinal cord injuries can remove any functioning below the injury site.

Breathing and bladder or bowel control can also be hindered by a spinal cord injury. People with these conditions will need specialized medical devices to help them breathe. They will also need daily at-home care to handle their hygiene and food-related needs. Those without someone who can do this may have to hire an at-home nurse for the rest of their lives.

How Spinal Cord Injuries Can Change Your Life

Losing the job they once had is common for people with severe spinal cord injuries. This can create serious financial stress unless the person can find financial aid through disability benefits or compensation. Not only that, but the psychological effects of dealing with such an injury can take their toll.

Many people return home feeling different in their bodies. Becoming used to all the major changes at once can feel overwhelming at first. Some people can feel trapped inside their bodies and develop depression or suicidal thoughts.

How to Manage Your Spinal Cord Injury

When it comes to managing spinal cord injuries, there are several factors that play a role. You may need to undergo various rehabilitation procedures and physical therapy depending on what else you are facing. Some people with spinal cord injuries develop pressure injuries and bed sores.

Others might need weekly exercise and physical therapy to prevent their muscles from deteriorating or to manage chronic pain. In some cases, physical therapists can help people with these injuries relearn certain behaviors. Functions can become restored for some people and not others.

All of these additional treatments after your initial spinal cord injury treatment can add up to thousands of dollars. Not to mention lost wages if you had to quit working. Consider contacting a Jackson lawyer if your injury was caused by negligence and you need compensation.

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Jackson

Ongoing medical expenses for spinal cord injuries can be expensive and add up substantially over time. Contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to speak with a Mississippi auto accident lawyer for a consultation today. Our experienced attorneys can help you collect the evidence you need for significant compensation. You can find us throughout Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford, and other cities in Mississippi.