July 21, 2022

How Panic Leads to Car Accidents

Many people may have experienced panic at one point in their lives while driving. Whether this involved hydroplaning, a pedestrian jaywalking, or an unexpected change on the road, these types of scenarios can make drivers panic. Those who overcompensate in response to their panic may increase the chances of a car accident. Feel free to ask a Southaven auto accident lawyer for guidance if you were in an accident.

Panic Behaviors That Cause Accidents

Around 9% of errors associated with large truck accidents involved panic-like behaviors. These behaviors included overcompensating, panicking, and using poor control over the vehicle. While this might be a small percentage, this is only considering large truck accidents. Other car accidents may have higher or lower associations with panic behaviors.

Being aware of what panic behaviors lead to car accidents might help drivers avoid future accidents. Some of the most common panic behaviors that increase the chances of car accidents include:

  • Turning the steering wheel too rapidly, How Panic Leads to Car Accidents, Germany Law Firm PLLC
  • Braking too hard
  • Swerving too fast
  • Driving to avoid a collision only to face another collision
  • Misjudging what other drivers are doing

Many of these behaviors like braking too hard or steering too quickly can result in a loss of control over the vehicle. This is what makes car accidents in these types of scenarios more likely. When a driver steers too sharply, the vehicle can flip and cause a rollover car accident. Braking too hard can have the same effect or cause a rear-end accident.

What often leads up to these scenarios of panic is the perception that the driver is about to lose control of the vehicle. Common examples include hydroplaning, not noticing a potential collision until the last minute, and unforeseen road hazards like potholes.

Driving Behaviors to Reduce Accidents

There are several ways you might be able to reduce your chances of a panic-related car accident. Many defensive driving techniques revolve around reducing overcompensation driving behaviors. Defensive driving urges drivers to drive cautiously, slower in risky scenarios, and to expect the unexpected.

This means slowly applying pressure to the brakes when a hazard arises instead of slamming the brakes. An effective technique is to let the pressure off the gas pedal first and then slowly press the brakes. A skill like this may help with hydroplaning and instances where drivers feel a loss of control of their vehicle.

Defensive driving also encourages drivers to drive safely in bad weather. When there is ice, snow, or rain, it is better to drive slower to prevent hydroplaning and potential accidents. Do not panic if you find yourself in an accident. You have options for recovery. Contact a Southaven car accident lawyer to explore those options.

Auto Accident Attorney in Southaven

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