How Mississippi Distracted Driving Causes Rear-End Car Accidents

How Mississippi Distracted Driving Causes Rear-End Car Accidents

You may not know that it only takes three to five seconds to have a Mississippi car accident. That is the same amount of time many people looked on their phones to reply to a text while driving that led to the hundreds of rear-end car accidents that happen each year from distracted driving. Not only is a distracted driver at risk, but so is everyone else on the road around that driver. Consider contacting a Mississippi Auto Accident Lawyer if you suffered injuries from a distracted driving accident.

How Common Are Mississippi Distracted Driving Accidents?

Mississippi distracted driving accidents happen each year, but the exact number of rear-end car accidents caused by distracted drivers is unknown. In the United States, around 3,331 people died in 2011 from distracted driving. Distractions for driving were responsible for 17% of car accident injuries and 10% of deaths in car accidents.

This happens so often from texting while driving because it usually only takes a few seconds of looking away from the road to cause an unexpected accident. To be specific, How Mississippi Distracted Driving Causes Rear-End Car Accidentsdata points to 80% of car accidents happening when the driver was distracted three seconds before the accident. Even looking at a text after unlocking a phone can take almost longer than three seconds. Typing out a text can take even longer.

The problem is not texting, but the way in which texting directly takes a driver’s eyes off the road, hands off the steering wheel, and mind away from driving safely. Driving safely does not always mean Mississippi defensive driving, but simply means being attentive to the changing conditions of the road and what other drivers are doing around you so you can avoid an accident. All it takes is a simple miscalculation to lead to potentially fatal consequences.

What Makes Mississippi Distracted Driving So Dangerous?

Many drivers wonder why sending a text or checking their phone while driving is such a big deal. The reality is that Mississippi distracted driving significantly impairs attention because our brains all have a limited capacity for how much information can be perceived during any given moment. We do not perceive everything at once, but rather, take in certain bits of information at a time that becomes filtered by our current thoughts and emotions.

So when people are driving and sending a text, their minds become focused on the text and the perception of what is going on with their phones, which simultaneously takes their perception off of what is going on with the road and other drivers around them. Attention becomes cut in half and spatial processing is reduced by 40%, which leads to mistakes in the perceptions of our environment.

Auto Accidents Attorney in Mississippi

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